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    Hi all,

    Today, I want to share an interesting tool for people who have multiple domains at different registrars:

    As some of you might know, a while ago I had a problem with my Afternic account, after selling a domain I did not own anymore. As it apparently was the second time this happened, Afternic closed my account. After some talks, I was able to get my account opened again, which I am still thankful for. As I did not want this to happen again, I was looking for a better tool to manage my domains. @CraftNames pointed me towards, which I am currently trying out. The first impressions are very good.

    DomainPunch has different tools that let you add your domains. After your domains are added, you can do whois lookups, you see which domains are bound to expire and at what registry, you can view DNS info and much more. It looks like all info you need to keep your portfolio under control.

    The DomainPunch Pro tool costs a one time $129 and can be tried for free for 30 days. I am currently still in my trial period, but I like the tool a lot. The main USP of DomainPunch Pro is the ability to have an API connection for the follwing registrars:
    • Godaddy
    • Dynadot
    • NameSilo
    • NameCheap
    As I have over 95% of my domains at any of these registrars, it is near perfect for me. This might be different for some of you. WIth this API connection, domains that are added get automatically pulled into the DomainPunch Pro tool, keeping your portfolio up to date. You can also set alerts when things change, for example the DNS of a domain.

    For people with big portfolios in more than 1 of the above mentioned registrars, I would recommend trying out this tool with the API connection. Try it for free for 30 days and see if it is worth the $129 for you to have a tool that will keep your portfolio organized in an easy and automated way.

    Let me know if you guys have already used this tool for a longer period and what your experiences were.
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    It's been a wonderful tool for me since v1. highly recommended.

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