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This is the 8th Domaining Europe in a row. Until now it has been celebrated yearly in Valencia Spain, but in 2016 we bring it the first time to The Hague, in one of the most spectacular settings, where Marlene Dietrich, Helmut Kohl, Winston Churchill, Leonard Bernstein o Binyamin Netanyahu, Jan Toorop, Jacob Maris o Jozef Israëls, and even The Rolling Stones spent some time .

DomainingEurope is an event, where many Top Level Decision makers from the global Domain Industry meet,make Business and share new tendencies, tools and knowledge. It enables the communication between Registrars,Registries and most important Registrants. The shape of the domain name market is changing on a global scale with new top-level domains launching every week. How does this affect the local Domain market and specially the ccTLD's and GEO-Domains.

At this conference we discuss also the latest legal issues with Lawyers and Brand-name experts.

Knowledge - Business - Networking

At our event we cater with coffee brakes and lunches which is included in the Admission ticket. That is not the case in all conferences of this style,but is possible due to the Sponsors which demostrate the support to the Domain Industry.

The venue:

The Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus Scheveningen The Hague will be the venue for the Domaining Europe 2016 Conference: a grand hotel experience in a historic ambiance working for the European Domain World.

The origins of the Kurhaus date back to 1818. At that time, people had great faith in the healing powers of seawater and rode into the sea in horse-drawn carriages, hoping to cure rheumatism, nervous disorders and obesity. Guests at the bathhouse paid a fee to be dried or to enter one of four baths filled with seawater. Following the example of famous bathing resorts in Belgium and France, Scheveningen understood the need to add splendour to its resort and to create a respectable venue, where guests could not only bathe but also dine and enjoy entertainment. The Kurhaus opened on the site of the former bathhouse in 1885.

Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus is stunningly located, overlooking the beach in the heart of the Scheveningen district of The Hague. The city centre is just 10 minutes away, and the tram stops in front of the hotel and will take you straight into town.

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Hope to see you this year at DomainingEurope !
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