Domaining... The Journey and Lessons Learned

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    I have come a long way into this space of numerous experiences, fun, highs , lows, fight,win, lose... and what have you.

    Before I proceed, I would like to give a preview of where it all started. In 2008, I first had a contact with the words "domain flipping" in a local magazine that was published. I read it with so much excitement, but there was no one with the needed experience to put me through.

    My desire never died and I created my Sedo account as well as Namepros account in 2009. Around that time, making payments online was a HUGE obstacle as a Nigerian. I had to sought the help of a 3rd party to help me register my very first domain name which was :) I didn't do anything with the domain name though. It was just there. That was it. The day I created these accounts was same day of my last visits... until 2012.

    When you take a look at my profile it shows 2009 but I didnt visit Namepros after the account was created. In fact, I forgot a place like this existed until 2012 while on WarriorForum. Another thread about domaining was in fire, I was late to it and so, I had to start reading from page 1. Not long into reading, I saw Gene Pimentel's post and followed his advise where he said we should sign up at

    Immediately, I came straight up here and the whole place looked familiar to me. I said to myself, "you have been here before" I tried my user name and password, which is same as my warriorforum info and viola, I was ushered in.

    Still very confused, I looked around and started reading and reading. If you are not patient or tolerant, some members here can make you give up just because of the kind of questions you ask.

    Well, LungioMike really helped me in my first try here and thereafter, FX helped fine-tune how I perceive quality domain names, as well as the numerous reported domains sold. Infomoney was a great guy too, Keith and the entire forum has been really helpful. Nitindomains has been a good friend with lots of advice that kept me going. I may likely report domain sale in no time...

    Things I have learned so far...

    1. Learn to understand what a good domain name is because your success is highly dependent on it.

    2. Keep learning the art of negotiation and be patient. I am still learning this process because it isn't an easy learning process of domaining. I can be very impatience most times, which is very bad when handling domain negotiation. It makes end user feel you are desperate and reduces the chances of getting better money in return.

    3. Always leave some money behind just in case you spot very good domain names.

    4. Never stay away from namepros or I did and missed out on chinese windfall of wealth.

    5. For out bound emails, keep tweaking the template you find here until you have something unique that suits you.

    6. Learn to enter a trend as quick as possible after doing extensive research because it's the only way to success.

    7. Before you register a domain or buy one, make sure there are multiple endusers.

    8. Never be scared to take risk, calculated risk it is. Never be scared of making mistakes.

    9. Always make sure that you have a photocopy of the kind domains being sold to help you in the future in case you have similar domain name in hand, it can help you gauge what to ask for.

    10. Research as well as good domain can do a lot of good.
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    Well said Jideofor :)
    All in all, patience is the key in this business and one has to understand there is no liquidity other than few type of domains which is not affordable for most of us.

    DANEYAL Top Contributor VIP

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    Highly useful, I second patience is really Big Thing that matters in this business. There is no overnight success, this is not a get rich quick scheme. Thanks @jideofor for writing this post.
  4. jideofor

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    Thanks AbdulBasit :)
  5. animeta

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    It is very helpful Post for New Learners!!!! Big Thank you
  6. deez007

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    Awesome read indeed! Thanks for taking the time to post this.....
  7. Kate

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    The word 'patience' has to be emphasized. But patience/perseverance is not the same as stubbornness, beware :)
    You need a strong ability to adjust yourself.
  8. jideofor

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    Thanks Kate. You are just one awesome personality with deep perspective in domaining which I often found helpful in all your contributions :)
  9. DNScholar


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    Very well written...Thanks.
    I'm presently trying to understand Brandables and also domains in different languages which makes good percentage of sales in Domaining.
  10. Nattydomain

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    Good points. In this biz very seldom someone makes it big on their very first domain. Trial and error is a big word in this business
  11. Asfas1000

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    Very good advice, thanks :)

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