question Domain Trading Platforms working for Web3.0 ?


Siful Moni

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In the current trending market ENS domains are in top. LLL.eth Domains are selling for 5 fig and some are hitting closely 6 fig.
Even lots of Unstopabble and crypto domains are getting SOLD regularly.
I don't see much development of web3 or crypto domain trading accessibility in the current domain industry. All marketplace are functioning and perfectly working for traditional domains.

Recently CloudName.com launched for trading traditional domains and crypto domains. So beside Opensea and Unstoppable now investors can trade in CloudName Marketplace for buy-sell domain names.

Do you think its high time for major domain companies to think about web3.0?


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No I don’t and if this is your business (CloudName) or you are an affiliate stop spamming us outside of designated forum area. This is your 3rd thread on the same topic just worded differently.

If the names are selling so well (overwhelmingly to investors at this juncture by all appearances) why are you peeved the “traditional“ markets don’t care? You should love a virtual monopoly if its going so well.

People buying these names are paying in crypto and only certain markets even accept that as payment.

We are in a downturned economy. People have other things to worry about. Traditional domains aren’t going away anytime soon.
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