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    I have barely three days doing an experiment with some of my domain landing pages because curiously, many visits to my domains were limited to one page ( the domain ), even though they had access to the main market.

    My first domain landing page style was basic information

    Short description - contact form link - Whois link - domain Length.

    The second style domain landing page have

    Long description - contact form link - Whois link - domain Length - Countdown of the expiration date with the title (The renovation will be done on xx-xx-xxxx ) - my twiter widget - Marquee text for messages... RSS feed related to marketing content.

    - After this change (the same day) the visitors began to cross from one place to another ( for all domains where I did this experiment ) and use the contact form at least once in 2 of 5 in 24h. Another detail, is that the main market rise the RPM to $17.58 .( not bad)

    I think the change of having a basic landing page to another more complete has made a difference, however I think there are two specific elements that played an important role.

    1 - Marquee text ( in fact they are two marquee, 1 for messages, another for some domain sales report . [making it clear that they are not my sales])

    1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png
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    be aware of bots
    the linux logo often represents bots
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    Interesting... can you provide links to two example domains showing the two different landers?

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