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My domains aren't great. They are very very modest. I don't ever expect anything more than double digits for them. Where can I list my domain name for free. So I get a good looking landing page. Offcourse trust matters. So customer can immediately pay and domain gets transferred to them after the marketplace deducts small fee from the payment and sends me the rest in my account. My domain registrar is namesilo.



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NameLiquidate works well, but it's essentially a wholesale marketplace, so your names need to be half decent to get sold if you're using a reserve. And the lander will only be available for a limited time. If you want something where you can list your names long-term I'd say one of the Registrar's marketplaces. DAN has a minimum sale price of $99 these days. You could just put them all up there at the minimum and see if any sell. Or try Efty, but not sure if they require a minimum sale price. All the best...
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