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Does it matter where you register domains?

Located in Domain Beginners started by NameArtist, Feb 11, 2019.


  1. NameArtist

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    Godaddy, Namecheap, Ionos, Porkbun, Namesilo, so many options. Does it matter where I register domains?

    Thanks everyone!
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  2. golan

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    Assumed every registrar has more or less the same pricing for the 1st year registration; then you should go with the registrar which

    1. Is domainer/client friendly
    2. Has human kind support that replies and solves your problems in reasonable time
    3. Has easy, logical and intuitive interface
    4. Allows making any bulk operations with your domains - like renewal on/off, DNS change, push, etc etc
    5. Has easy push / transfer out procedures
    6. Has a good reputation among domainers

    Considering these, stay away from Ionos and Godaddy! From ones you mentioned, Namesilo is the best, Namecheap is okay too, however their interface is not very usable. Also good registrars are Dynadot, Namebright, Epik, Internetbs.

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