Does anyone have experience with CuteStat/G

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    I was checking one of my names in google...
    And I saw the name is reflected on top of search with the domain name and "CuteStat" as sub domain in the link...

    I listed it on undeveloped...

    I am searching on when I am changing tabs on Chrome mobile...this website tab (after opening from Google search) is showing little white dot in middle of green colour...I mean undeveloped theme...exact one.

    My doubts are..

    * It is coming in top of search results on Google...but it is showing the subdomain of it allowed? Do they don't need our permission ?
    * In this link they are giving some analysis...and estimated value...I don't know what basis they are seems they are just putting the reg price.
    * In search results estimation evaluations don't show up... usually the domain listed marketplaces will reflect in they are doing it..?!
    * Is it anything to do with undeveloped... although it is not going to their for sale is showing their logo on tab (I was able to see this when I am changing tabs... again I am on Chrome mobile)
    * Anyone used their services...have any idea of what their work is..?

    I am sure my entire explanation is confusing but anyone dealing with SEO / search stats / back link knowledge can tell some info about this...

    I thought without mentioning the name I can get some help but it seems I am mentioning name here.. TaxOTG/com

    Thanks for your time and any feedback...
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  2. vravis9

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    *CuteStat / com*

    Wrong in title...

    There is no option to edit...

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