DO you ever second guess a drop?

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  1. MapleDots

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    I drop very few domains because I traditionally select them very carefully.

    Once in a while I will drop 10 or so that have had little to no activity.

    Not long ago I dropped &

    Originally when I registered them I was thinking of the Oil Fields in Canada but I figured a few companies owned all of them and chances of them wanting the domains were slim so I dropped them.

    Huge Domains snapped up and in retrospect I know it could be used in the Marijuanna catagory for Canada.

    Two Questions....

    1. How often do you second guess drops?

    2. Has Huge Domains picked up your drops?
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  2. bmugford

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    I have second guessed many drops, especially when I have seen them sell later but that is the nature of the beast. You have to decide where to draw the line when it comes to renewals and likelihood of a sale. casts an extremely wide net and captures a lot of garbage mixed in with decent domains.

    "Maple Oil" is one of those one that could be used, but there is not a giant pool or end users.
    Those ones can be very tough to decide on, especially when they are .COM.

  3. garptrader

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    Yes, many domain portfolios consist of recycled drops from other investors. Why should one investor drop a domain if another feels like they can sell it for $2500 or more? But everyone is so focused on expiring domains that they overlook reasonably priced aftermarket domains. Yes, aged .Com domains are quite often picked up by Huge Domains. But when I see them reprice my drops for $xXxX I know the odds are against them. It is likely i held that name for years and had it priced $XXX without a sale.
  4. MapleDots

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    I struggled with that domain before I decided to drop.

    I also dropped and .ca which could be used for light rail or a national rail service.
    Again I thought the resale target audience was too small and apparently so did huge domains because it fully dropped.

    The MapleOil domain caused me the most concern when I dropped it and it will be very interesting to see who's instinct was correct me or huge domain.

    I'll be checking it every so often because I still think I was correct in my drop but if someone buys it I will have to review my criteria for the drops.
  5. E-Promote

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    Two choices, either do your due diligence on each name before it expires or renew it blindly till next year when you can get to it...that's all folks :)
  6. Rich

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    Most my expired names go to HD, yougottaloveit, I see Mann grabbed a couple, thejobsboard, director of music. Views on domains change with the branding tides, investor interests, one man's trash.. I tend to have more seller's remorse than dropper's remorse. I try to give any domain I buy at least 5+ years chance of selling if it falls outside the viral/trend category.
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    Few drops, but don't really want to know what happened to them :) It's easier that way.

    Huge has a few that I want, but too expensive.

    If you could have been paid $10 for the names you dropped, would you have taken it? If not, what would be your minimum for a name you'd otherwise drop?

    Somehow selling a name for super cheap is harder than just dropping it; a bizarre psychological/ROI/time/PIA dilemma ;)
  8. Kate

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    MapleOil is an interesting name with brandability and lots of advertising potential. Think health care, beauty products...

    I have bought quite a few domain names for business ideas but eventually dropped them because it's hard to justify the cost when your projects are nothing more than abstract ideas in your brain. And actually there is no shortage of decent domains if you are going to be creative. Stockpiling domains that few people would ever want is not a good idea most of the time.
    But I am not sure I would have dropped MapleOil, I kinda like it.

    Maple is a great keyword for a Canadian business, but there are not a lot of sales for maple domains.

    When I drop a name I usually don't look back. With experience I have become more selective and I refrain from buying if I am not sure I am going to keep and renew the name for a long time - until it sells or I have an occasion to use it.
  9. Josytal

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    Yes on many occasions, but they are mostly craps. Even b4 I knew what domaining was, I've had to drop some names (7 years back). They picked them up and still selling them up till now!
    Most of my last drops, too, were CATCHED and then registered by them.

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