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DNS & Nameservers - what is needed when done separate

Located in General Domain Discussion started by Fewski, Mar 27, 2019.


  1. Fewski

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    It's been a while NP... like years! But always know where I can get quality advice.

    I've always have done my own hosting for my private business websites, so the DNS and nameservers were always pointed to the same place. I recently had a service 'take over' my website and trying to figure out what hosting I need, if any. Kind of a mix from a hosting and domain question, so hopefully this section works.

    The DNS IP is now pointing toward the company that took over my website and the new website shows up. The nameservers never changed. The new company isn't hosting my email, so I know I at least need email hosting to use my @Domain.com .... but do I need to have a regular hosting account (bandwidth/storage) too or does changing my DNS mean the company is now hosting it?

    Hopefully that makes sense! Thanks NP! :)
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  2. CarlosN

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    Your email is hosted where your domain MX records are pointing, so if you have access to your MX records you can host it anywhere you want without interfering with your website.
    Most hosting services include email too, but I if you only need email I think is better if you go for Google G Suite or Zoho mail.
  3. WhiteCloud

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    It appears only your A records, web site, are pointing to your new host. You can select a different hosted email provider and point your MX records to that provider. Like CarlosN state, Zoho is a good option. Or, if you want a paid, reliable provider try Rackspace Email. Are you using the nameservers at your registrar?

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