debate Die hard domainers or digital asset investors?

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i've been reading the thread about crypto or domains and i think that a better question is what you see yourself as?

personally i will invest in any asset that i can keep on the internet (web or blockchain). i see domains as an investment opportunity as i see any coin or token.

while the liquidity is greater in crypto world (so is the risk, btw) i don't see bitcoin, litecoin or other coins as currency but as assets, just like domains are just assets.

i move between the two worlds now-days and i sold just a single domain for ether to another domainer and none of the crypto investors that i know will buy premium domains. it seems that everybody else think there is a major difference between the two but i fail to see one.

i'll love to get your take on this one ...
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I get bad comments about domain name investing in one of the crypto forums I use. They seem to think that I am some sort of pirate holding people to rnsom.

Re: crypto-currencies. Some re payment services and are efficient currencies, some, like Bitcoin, are a store of wealth, and some are ponzi scams to rip off the gullible, It's a bit of a minefield at the moment.

What people don't seem to realise is that virtual assets have been around since the stone age. Some of the first were the stories told by the raconteurs around the camp fires, nd passed around by word of mouth. Crypto gets a bad press because it is decentralised, and it is based on computer communication. We have to show people that that is a strength and not a weakness.