"Did you have a price in mind?" "Thanks but we are not interested at this moment."

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    I have a domain listed on DAN with make offer lander. It is a acronym of a university faculty in the USA. They use

    On 19th July, I sent an outbound email saying "Hi, would you like to own to redirect to your site?"

    On 20th July, I received a reply saying "Are you the owner of the domain?"

    I say, "Yes, I own it & can verify it if you would like".

    They say, "Did you have a price in mind?"

    I say, "It is listed at $7999, but I am open to any suitable offer".

    They say, "Thanks but we are not interested at this moment".

    How would you respond?

    This has happened to me twice when outbounding to large corporations with billion-dollar budgets. They show interest but once a price is listed, they back out although they seemed keen, definitely have the cash and may actually want it. If they didn't want it, why ask for a price?

    The first time was a tech corporation making almost a billion $ in revenue & I offered a domain with millions of searches & a top CPC over $100. They also had a product based around that keyword & were bidding on it on Google Ads. I asked for $29,000 lol. Then they said they weren't interested even though they probably spend that every few days on ads for that keyword.

    The thing is I really am not firm on the price I listed. I'd have sold it for half or even a third of that as I'm more interested in cash flow than a strict price as I got them for reg fee. I only asked for those amounts as I saw their interest and it seemed like a fair price + I was feeling a little greedy. :sneaky:

    I'm thinking from now on to not provide a price when outbounding and ask them to make a suitable offer first.

    Pissed off because I thought I was getting somewhere due to the fast response and pricing request lol.
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  2. johnn

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    You need to contact the person who has the authority and sign the check.
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    As @johnn mentioned, maybe you hit the wrong person. However, you can't exclude that it could simply be the person asked the price out of curiosity. Remember they didn't contact you first, so you shouldn't automatically assume that they had any interest in the domain at all in the first place.
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    The problem with outbound is that you are contacting an organization that was managing without your domain and sees no urgent need to acquire it. Yes, companies spend serious money on IT costs, marketing, legal fees, exec salaries, travel (pre-corona) and those expenses are just part of doing business. I have seen a couple of cases where a division of a company was spending six figures annually on Google Adwords yet when I came across invoices with some of their domain renewals I asked myself why they would even want those crappy domains. 99.9% of the general population does not care about domains until they want to register one for a project and they cannot find a suitable name available for under $25. Keep in mind that reported domain sales are the exceptions. The typical budget for a domain name is under $50 and generally under $20.
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    That's a big reason I do not do any outbound. A lower level person handling it does not realize or understand the domain cost is a tiny fraction of the corporate marketing budget and a great bargain.

    To the employee it seems like a lot of money but its insignificant to his company which he fails to comprehend so he does not pursue it with upper management. It's real difficult or almost impossible to reach top company executives directly.
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  6. Abdullah Abdullah

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    Next time be reasonable and also try to reach the people with managerial positions and also reply with a BIN and link to make the transaction quickly like Dan, Epik.
  7. Ariff BD

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    better you find the CEO by linkedin.

    I once got rejected by a domains facebook page but later the ceo offered me 5k euro that I rejected for 60k in 5 years payplan.
    He did not reply but I renewed the domain name.

    Hope to get a decision.

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