devolvement (dot) com

Labeled as domain in Domain Appraisal started by Don Gondon, Jun 27, 2019.


  1. Don Gondon

    Don Gondon Established Member

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    1. Acquisition Reason: its a one-word .com, non-archaic, with Wikipedia article, Investopedia article, some up-to-date usage
    2. Markets: something financial
    3. Research: according to ED, somebody owned it from 2013 to 2016. For some reason, devolvement seems to be an India-specific term
    4. End-User Value: high xxx to low xxxx probably?
    5. Reseller Value: low xxx probably?
    6. Traffic:
    7. Revenue:
    8. Age: less than 1 day
    9. Miscellaneous:

    Please share your opinions!
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  2. Bob Hawkes

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    I am not sure I have a lot to contribute to the excellent research you have already done yourself, but here are a few possibly relevant points.
    • I was not really familiar with the term, so I looked up in ngram viewer how popular the term is in books. Its use has significantly increased since 1965 so that is good.
    • It is, primarily, an investment banking term with (for me) about 150,000 results. Not too impressive, but English language dictionary words available to register are rare. If I were you would mainly concentrate on who might use the domain name.
    • I see this as the sort of domain that IF it did sell would be low $$$$ or high $$$ but the probability of sale is probably low. If you feel comfortable to put a number on it from your research, say 1/100 in any one year * $900 net proceeds suggests that at $9 per year cost it is break even.
    Best wishes if you choose to take a gamble on it, and I commend you for the clear and logical post you used to start the thread.

  3. Don Gondon

    Don Gondon Established Member

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    Thanks, Bob!
    Yeah, I already think this has very little chance of selling without doing some outbound to possible end users. Maybe a side-infosite linking to the main site of some consulting service to catch leads from search results.
    Kudos goes to NP, I simply went with the recommended template.

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