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    Deadbeat Buyer Warning!

    The user named "Purple" inquired about a website I had for sale here in this thread:

    Purple had the high bid of $1200 and I notified him that he was the winner via PM on 12-18-2005 at 08:13 PM I also included my PP address as a $100 deposit was to be paid at the close of the sale.

    We had prior PM discussions regarding his ability to pay in full. I had decided that I would allow him to split up the payments over 3 months. I had offers which were close to his high offer but he seemed to really want the site and also seemed interested in the topic of the site.
    I wasn't selling the site because I needed the money. I was selling because I felt I was doing the site a dis service as I could spend limited time there and therefore it was time to find someone who could take advantage of the traffic, members base etc.

    On 12-18-2005 at 08:19 PM I received his response that he was excited that he ahd won etc.
    He also said, "I will send you the money first thing tomorrow after I get back from uni.
    Thanks again for everything!"

    On 12-19-2005 at 03:22 AM I received a PM that stated he would be paying me that evening.

    On 12-19-2005 at 04:59 PM I received the following message: "ust a quick update: I will have the $100 send to you tomorrow, that's a promise!
    Hope that's ok & sorry it's going to take a day longer.

    On 12-20-2005 at 06:11 PM Purple notified me that he was having PP trouble and asked me to send him a Paypal invoice, which I did.

    On 12-20 I created and sent him a PP invoice for $100.
    I PMed him to let him know it was sent.
    I have not heard back from him and it is now 12 days later. I have attempted to contact him many times via PM here and email. He has been on namepros several times yet I still have not received a response.

    I bent over backwards to make the sale to this guy. I could have sold it to someone else for $100 or so less ad the other buyer would have paid in full but I tried to do purple a favor and accept terms as opposed to $$$ up front. I wasted a lot of time and in the end I ahd to relist it and sell it again.

    All it would have taken was an email/PM from him letting me know he decided he didn't want it.
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    More of a common etiquette situation than something serious, but I agree, the VERY least he could have done was to let you know what was happening regarding the situation.
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    Yes...But the same kinda thing happ'd to me Iwas the buyer though... I bid on an auction... Iwas one of wo bidders i presume...But took out the bid about 5-10 mins. before the auc. ended...The seller got angry and gave me an negative feedback...So much for My rights....
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    In my case it is completely different. I had a site for sale. I wanted to move it pretty fast not because I needed the money but because it is a forum and I was never there to support the members.
    The high bid was around $1100 or $1150. Cant remember and purple offered more but he needed to spread the payments out which I agreed to. Now if he had told me he didnt want the name or had money issues and had to back out BEFORE the sale was over then that would have been fine as the $1150 up front was much easier for me (I was going to host it for purple for a few months at least). I felt that purple really wanted the name and felt he would do well managing the forum and it would be a good buy for him.
    At any rate we chatted back and forth via PM and he was excited about the purchase and was supposed to send me a $100 deposit and that didn't happen on the day(s) he told me it would. No big deal I figured we'd get it done soon.
    Well, it never happened. he stopped pming me and stopped responding to my Pms while still posting here on the forum.
    So it turned into a pain in the butt as the second highest bidder did not have the $$$ anymore.

    To put it into perspective. Let's say you never backed out of the auction and after you won the name you PMed the seller and told him that you were ready to pay. Then you had a problem and promised to pay the next day. Then Pmed again on the day you were going to make the payment and told him it would be sent that night. Then you PMed and asked if he could send you a PP invoice instead. THEN after that you stopped responding to the sellers PMs or gave any explanation or told the seller that you were no longer interested.
    Does that seem reasonable to you?

    As far as your auction. When bidding in most auctions your bid is a binding contract to purchase at your bid amount.
    For instance read some of the drop catchers TOS.
    Also, in some cases I might have been upset if someone reneged on a auction bid. It would depend on the situation. If you bid high and no one else was even close and then you pulled your bid in the last five minutes it could have had a HUGE effect on the price as the second highest bidder may have put up his minimum bid and then you went much higher which caused him to not bid anymore. Then you bail and he gets it for his minimum.

    At any rate I resold it to someone else at DNF and have received payment in full. It just took a few weeks longer than it should have.

    Happy new year!

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    Another thread outing a Deadbeat.
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    you do know this thread is 13 years old :xf.wink:

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