.de domains Featured Sedo for US & UK? or just Germany?

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    Anyone with experience with Sedo listings for .de domains?

    Would it be good idea to also pay for featured listing .de domains to also show to UK and US Sedo users?

    or would German be "good enough".

    or do US and UK Sedo users even buy .de domains in the aftermarket either for resale? ie resellers?

    captain obvious would say no enduser from US or UK will want to buy .de domains.

    maybe resellers. that's it.

    although to bump up the views on your domain listing might be a good idea to go with US or UK featured too?

    does it even show the views on the listing or is that just info for us the sellers?

    not that buyers actually take those views into consideration. do they?

    I don't even remember. lol

    Thanks in advance

    another thing too. with Sedo views on your listing?

    I noticed something odd

    one moment it showed 1345

    and then

    the following day it showed 1285

    why did that happen?

    or are featured listings on Sedo a "suckers bet"?

    and why doesn't Sedo have an option to feature a domain that's in a 7 day auction?

    kinda stupid to pay for a 1 month featured listing when you only have a 7 day aution.

    it's good Namebio has a 7 day featured.
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