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"The ccTLD for India is in fourth place, with the extension being used by Indian and global startups alike. The statistics for .IN incorporate both of .CO.IN and .IN, with global startups more likely to use .IN. Although, .CO.IN could by used in the cryptocurrency industry as a hack for “coin.”

Between 2015 and 2020, the average popularity of the .IN extension is 2.29%. Between 2018 and 2020, the extension has become more popular, with adoption increasing from 2.06% in 2018 to 3% in 2020."

What I would add is that, India's extension .in and .co.in are not just used by Startups, a ton of business have been using them since 2002.

Unlike .co /.io/.ai , India's extension is not being used as a Niche or an also ran, its used in all kinds of industries and categories of business. Widely adopted with ad banners in cities , newspapers and tv ads

So its been percolating for all these years and now seems like there is momentum for Startups in India in addition to what COVID / Work from Home / Going Digital is doing to drive the growth. I expect in the next 5 years, .IN to rise up that chart , slowly but steadily.
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