Cybersquatters cannot enforce valid contracts

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    The High Court (Singapore) has made clear in a test case that a cybersquatter cannot enforce an otherwise valid contract as a matter of public policy.

    Senior Judge Lai Siu Chiu, in judgment grounds yesterday, found the indiscriminate registration of generic and non-generic names by management consultancy company 3 Corporate Services, domain registrar Top3 Media and others named in the case, made them serial or consummate cybersquatters, a point made by defence lawyers for ride-hailing giant Grabtaxi Holdings.

    3 Corporate Services (3CS) had sued Grabtaxi in 2018, arguing that it had reneged on a US$250,000 deal to buy domain name "".

    Grab called off the deal as it felt the dealings of the company's sole director Mark Ho "raised too many questions".

    But 3CS argued that there was a binding contract based on the Letter of Offer with Grab.

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