news Cybersecurity incident (again ?) at GoDaddy

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Since last few days Namepros is flooded with Godaddy complaints...

They need to seriously look into these issues..😕
This is HUGE. Move away from GoDaddy while you still can, or, get compromised. If you hold a big portfolio - maybe, one day, some random skid would takeover all your domains and you would have nothing to do... than lament

But lemme guess what might have happened, a normal hosting user found an easy privilege escalation vulnerability in GoDaddy's infrastructure, to takeover the hosting accounts, while, GoDaddy team, like @Joe Styler and @Paul Nicks were busy banning people, and guarding their interests.

On a similar note, I have found several potential vulnerabilities in GoDaddy, but their bad attitude would make me rather not report them :laugh:
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Big surprise! This is why I am moving everything away from them, almost done moving everything 👌

their security is garbage
It took me 3 pushes to receive a domain into my account yesterday. They just had problems, bugs. It's no wonder I generally refuse to buy a domain on the aftermarket which can only be pushed.

Then there is this is "Yes you can push a domain to another account without adding 60 days" It's a complete sham they tell to both the sender and receiver. The sender dutifully sends the domain without triggering a new 60 day hold. But you cannot accept it without triggering a new 60 day hold because you obviously want your correct whois (for many reasons), and once you do that, you cannot accept the domain at GoDaddy without new 60 day hold being put in place. When I say can't. It's impossible. Which shows up the sham in their double speak.The management will tell you it's an ICANN requirement. So every other Registrar is non-compliant? Sounds like the lawyers (although necessary) are running the show. How come the lawyers at every other Registrar are not jumping on the backs of their management to close this loophole. They cannot see what GoDaddy's lawyers can see?
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