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The views expressed on this page by users and staff are their own, not those of NamePros. - is possibly your best one, to be used by some kind of developer or web design company. Probably mid 3 figures with enough visible time, maybe 4 with a lot of time and luck. Web design companies usually go for a branded name, "Dyna" isn't terrible, tho there is arguably likely better for 3 figures.
List it on some free market places. But as always with 99% of domains, expect it to not receive offers for years.

I'm going to be blunt to give you what I think is a realistic idea of your names so you might improve your buying choices:
Your names are not rare, your keywords can be easily replaced by something else, and don't really have great meaning. This means your names are not highly sought after as someone could probably hand reg something similar of equal quality and meaning, or buy something similar on the market for cheap. Which makes yours low value and very hard to sell, if at all.,, and the others similar - what would an end user use these for? They're very generic, as usually "config tools" is just functionality as part of an existing domain/website.

configdaddy just sounds awkward and little meaning. You are configuring a daddy?

I just don't think you'll sell these as I cannot see a reasonable viable use. So the value is registration fee cost. Sorry. You could list them on free market places and see if you get any offers, but you have to understand there are millions of domains for sale, so yours not standing out means little chance of any offers.

I strongly suggest you read through the sales forums here, the market places, and other sources like to get an idea of the sorts of domain names that sell. And try to understand what is a good name versus a bad one. Even good names can take years to sell, less quality ones either never sell or take many years of renewals for little return.
$5 to $35 each = Reseller Value Speculation (NOT an end user speculation)