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  1. hui2000

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    Hello fellow NamePro Members,

    We have a website we are current finishing up with designing:

    We wanted to hear what you fellow members here on the forum think about it, and what we can do to improve it.
    It's a website which provides crypto related news fetched from different websites (automated).
    Provides coin rankings as well with there prices and how they have performed.

    Would really appreciate your review on our website.

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. Sami Ketolainen

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    Hello @hui2000

    I checked out your website and here is full review from your website.

    First, let's start from Home Page. Every customer decides in 15 seconds that should they stay on the website, so it's really important that your Home Page looks really clean and attractive. At this moment your Home Page is "out-dated" (Classical Style) and I'm not sure that is it really a good thing because the Bitcoin and other coins are fairly new at the markets when we check out the whole picture of stocks etc - So I would prefer you to update your design work completely.

    The search engine at your home page doesn't fit at all to the page. I suggest you to move it to your header, maybe to top and right side of the header, so it is like a part of your menu. And you must edit the search engine graphics, so it will look like a modern search engine, not something like from 2000 - 2005.

    Add-On's to Home Page:

    Create a live chart and currency converter below the header. Add to first section BTC to USD (XRP to USD, ETH to USD) and other popular crypto currencies so your visitors are able straight away to convert currencies to crypto's and crypto's to currencies if they are looking only for converter. Then add to this section too Live Chart of the popular currencies (Create a menu where people can change the currency, example from Bitcoin to Ethereum and the Live chart will change), the current price of the coin, lowest 24 hour rate and highest 24 hour rate.

    Add top gainers and top losers. Everyone who is investing to crypto currencies want's to know which currencies are gainers and which one are losers.

    Keep your home page clean, at this moment, you have way too many advertisement's at the home page. Does your visitor come to your website to check advertisements or some useful info about crypto currencies?

    Then we come to your News at the home page. At this moment, this section too looks really classic style and it isn't so attractive. Here is my opinion what you should do:

    It would look good if you add 2 news to one row always and show only picture, topic and when it is posted. You will get much more room to your home page when there is 2 news in one row. Show only 15-20 latest news and if your visitors want's to look the older ones, place a button "Load More Posts".

    Below the News section, I think you could add a section where is listed 4 most popular arctiles and they would good if they are like this:

    | Post | Post | Post | Post |

    What pages you need to add:

    - Market Cap page -

    Add this page to your main menu.

    To this page, list all currencies with all information what example investors needs to know. Like this:

    Name of the currency | Market Cap | Price | Volume | Change % in 24 hours | 30 Days live graph

    With this page, you have listed a lot of information from different crypto currencies Market Caps etc and your page will look much more professional.

    - Prices page -

    Add this page to your main menu.

    When this is in your menu, make it look like this:

    | Prices |
    Bitcoin Cash

    And when your visitor open's one of the pages, like Bitcoin - Create a live chart in to that page where is detailed graph about Bitcoin Price / USD, Bitcoin Price / Euro, Bitcoin Price / Yen and other popular currencies. This a great tool to investor or visitor at your website.

    - ICO Calendar page -

    Right now this is at your Home Page and the section is so tiny that I think most of the visitors would not even see it at the Home Page. Create a own page for ICO calendar at add all the necessary information.

    - Learn About Crypto Currencies page -

    Your every visitor isn't expert in crypto currencies and some of them want's of course read something about the crypto currencies, what they are, how to buy them, how to trade them, where you can use example bitcoins, how the transactions are made etc. Just useful info about different coins.

    - Contact Us page -

    Add this page if your visitors have something to ask about your website and if they are interested about crypto currencies. You must be able to help your visitors since you are the owner of the website.

    And finally two sections left: Header and Footer.

    Let's start from a header. Right now it doesn't say anything, just a boring gray styled box with little black shadow in the borders. Does this sound attractive? No, not at all. Delete that box, create a super look menu and create some graphics to header which is related to crypto currencies.

    The menu should look like this

    Home | Market Cap | Prices | ICO Calendar | Learn more | Contact Us and the right side the search engine.

    Seems like you don't have a footer on your website. Create a simple and attractive footer, it doesn't need any graphics etc - It would be enough if the background colors will fit to your whole page. To the left side of your footer, add your logo and under that little info about your website. To the middle, add section about useful links at your website, like Learn More, Contact us, Prices etc - Pages where is really important information about currencies. And to right side, add your company name, address, phone number and other contact information so your customers will find your contact details easily.

    This is a quick overview to your website, I didn't have time now to write a detailed review but I hope this will help you little bit.

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  3. hui2000

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    Thanks so much @Sami Ketolainen for the review, we really appreciate the time you took to write this up. Very many clear points you highlighted for us there and we shall be working on them.
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  4. EbookLover

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