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So there is a problem with my newly registered domains (last week/2 weeks). Suddenly there is Whois Privacy Protection on these domains and therefore my domains are not showing in my Nominet account. When I try to transfer my domains through Godaddy to another registrar you have to change the IPS tag but it's not updating because of the privacy protection.

When you try to downgrade the privacy protection it says it's not possible and when you try to remove the whois privacy it says it's also not possible because of the TLD. There is some sort of glitch causing the whois privacy protection on newly registered domains.

So I contacted support and overall it took me 3.5 hours of chatting and 1.5 hours of calling and the issue hasn't resolved yet. I've explained the whole issue which took around 2 hours and their solution (after answering around 20 questions, explaining everything and sending dozens of screenshots which were completely useless) was sending me this general article:

I just can't believe the awful support. Even when I explained the issue in detail I just get a general transfer article. So I called Godaddy and it took me 1.5 hours again and still no solution. It's just a shame your support agents don't have any clue. I've now sold some domains and they are just stuck in my Godaddy account.
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GD customer support are essentially just drones reading from a script. Very few of them (in my experience) have any kind of technical knowledge and if the solution isn't isnt on the script you get passed to another drone with the same script and so on. You can try messaging one of the GD reps on here (they seem to be very approachable).

The .uk transffer process is an absolute ball ache at the best of times.

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