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Casual Weekends
For a limited time and on Weekends Only, promotion of the following is allowed in chat:
Whenever it is Friday, Saturday, or Sunday somewhere in the world, Casual Weekends is in effect for everyone.

When it's not the weekend, you can still buy and sell in our Forums Marketplace.

Not allowed:
  • Do not link to sales listings on other websites (e.g., other marketplaces, your portfolio site), which includes content on NamePros that links to external websites.
  • Do not violate rule 6.1.1 by posting anything about another member's domains for sale that may devalue or hinder a sale. The only exception to this rule in chat is if the seller has requested opinions or commentary on their domains.
  • Do not post more than 1 message containing domains for sale every 15 minutes.
  • Do not post more than 1 message containing domains for appraisal every 15 minutes.
  • Do not post the same domain name more than 5 times per day.
Notice: All other rules below still apply. The exceptions above only apply to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of each week ("Casual Weekends").

Rules for using NamePros Chat
  1. No soliciting. No self promotional advertising.
    • Do not post links to your own websites trying to sell services, products, or domains.
    • Do not post links to sales/marketplace/appraisal threads in chat.
    • Do not request a review of your own website in chat. Use the Web Design Reviews forum.
    • Do not request a domain appraisal in chat. Use the Domain Appraisal or Professional Appraisals forum.
    • Do not post affiliate links or codes in chat.
    • To promote your services/products, please use our marketplace forums.
  2. No buying, selling, or trading in chat.
    • Do not request domains that you want to purchase in chat.
    • Do not post domains in chat trying to sell them.
    • To promote your domains or domain wanted requests, please use our marketplace forums.
  3. Please do not conduct business in chat; use the forums.
  4. Please be honest, professional, and respectful to other members.
    • Do not mislead other members (about the rules, for example).
    • Do not misrepresent yourself (as a moderator, for example).
  5. No adult images, links to adult sites, or adult content of any kind.
  6. No vulgar or obscene language.
  7. Please use English only in chat so we can be sure these rules are followed.
  8. Do not post unpleasant, grotesque, or overly distracting content (e.g., images) in chat.
  9. Standard rules apply unless exceptions are described above.

How do I anonymously report members in chat who are not following the rules?

Members who violate the rules in chat can be reported by any of the following methods:
  1. Click on their username in chat and choose "Report" on the overlay (member card) that appears.
  2. Visit their profile page and use the "Report" link near the top right.
  3. Create a new thread in our General Support section.
In your report, please include the member's username and an estimate of the time (including time zone) when the rule violation occurred (e.g., "around 5-7 PM EDT on 4/18/2016"). Optionally, please also include any messages that you can from chat that show the rule violation taking place.

May I post informational messages about domains that I do not own in chat?

Yes, you may do this anytime (i.e., during the week and during Casual Weekends). We encourage members to post about domains in all ways that cannot be misinterpreted as self-promotion or pushing an agenda. For example, you may post expired domain names (as text only) in chat to spark conversation and help the community.

Why can't I type in chat?
  • You must be logged into NamePros to participate in Chat.
  • You must be an established member to use chat. If you are a new member, continue to use the forums and you'll automatically be granted permission to chat once you've established yourself as a NamePros member.
  • You may have been banned from chat due to breaking the rules. If so, you may submit a reconsideration request to have your case reviewed.

Can we use BBCode / styling in chat?

Not at the moment. Text colors, bold text, italic text, etc. were a little distracting, so we've removed them for now.

How do I make my name use a special color in chat?

The special colors assigned to member names are reserved for NamePros staff and upgraded membership levels. For instance, a gold-colored name is a member with a Gold Account.
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