Card, Cards, Hotel, Car, Cars and many other xyz sitting unregistered right now due to premium price

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    I was checking the drop list yesterday and saw all theses names sitting there. GoDaddy offers $0.99 registration on most .xyz names, but not, of course on the names the registry has classified as premium.

    Do you think it makes business sense for the registry of .xyz and the future of that extension to have premium prices of hundreds and thousands of dollars to register those one word names?

    For example, if you want to register, it will cost you $3,249.99
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    The better question is, why would an end user want to register a .xyz domain?
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    I think it is idiotic to me, for the XYZ Registry to be charging large sums for high value one word domains. But they seems they are not alone. There are a lot of Registries employing this tactic. Personally, I think it's largely an indicator of a failed Registry, trying to squeeze some return on their failing TLD. But there are probably some few exceptions. IMHO.

    Whilst $3250 is not a lot of money for the keyword "hotel", it's going to take a lot of money to promote as a viable domain, competing in the rarified atmosphere of hotel(s).com. Which basically will be largely promoting the XYZ Registry at the same time. It could be a bargain for any hotel chain, wanting to have some fun with the domain whilst promoting their own hotel chain, and could be a great for an email address for any company. Again, IMHO.

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