Can you make money reg. and selling a trademark domain?

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    I had to keep the title short to catch attention. Here's the deal I have thee opportunity right now to register a domain that is one of those new fancy extensions.

    As soon as I tried to register it. The registrar took a while after I hit GO TO CART. then I'm show this long letter explaining that the domain I was about to register is associated with a trademark. This wash the first time I've experienced this. yea they give me two options. To remove it from my cart or accept. so of course I hit ACCEPT duh! The trademark is by a company like say for example like me use fake stuff here" okay? it's a good example because I use Cheapdomain alot so yea.

    Imagine trademarked "Cheaper Domain"?

    Now imagine if I had the opportunity to Register Cheaper.Domain or even better Cheap.Domain?

    Well my registrar (Not tells me that it's a registered trademark. when I hit ACCEPT it shows an error message.

    Are these people just preventing me from registering it so they can register it themselves and make a killing selling it to

    also I'm about to give them a call right now to see if maybe their system is acting up and preventing me from registering it.

    but should I even bother? is register such a domain a good idea to make money and selling it to either thee trademark owner. I think I already know you will all say that doing that is just asking for trouble. so of course I wouldn't do that. but thee other idea would be to just SIT ON IT let them know I have it or let them find out on their own whatever. and let them come to me? problem is I can't do anything related to the topic of this domain because that would be trademark infringement?

    I do know is Trademark means nothing unless the offender is using the domain to sell or promote the Same Goods and services as the trademark owner.

    so let's hear it folks! Newbie here willing to learn thanks!
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    haha thanks biggie but it's so damn tempting. that being said. really? even if it's so good? isn't there a way to work with the "Grey" area here? Let me tell you. Thee other day this guys I know around my way owns a Mcdonalds. I asked him how did you start because I know he never finished college. I find out he sold his MISSPELLED (social network name) domains for a $100,000 each.
    I forget right now which domains he had or sold but he showed me the check. Plus I can't mention it either because he had to sign a non-disclosure agreement. ( I wonder why they'd make sure to do an NDA? it was a set of 3 domains each with 1 missing letter. That's it.

    See this is not something that will ever be disclosed to the public.

    But Why though? why the NDA?

    I think there are things most domains don't know and that Corps don't want domainers to know which is that deals like this happen everyday.

    is it just too costly and too much bad press for them to Fight the domain owner of the misspelled domains?
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    Just stay clear of TMs - you'll sleep better ;) , not worth the hassle, time and money on the long run.
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    3,218 :)
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    haha. alright alright. I can't register it anyway. it's weird though. I have a few domains that I swear my registrar would have gave me the trademark warning sign.
    yet it didn't yet this two domains? it did? very odd. does that mean then that those domains are "safe" why would my registrar give me the trademark notification and not these domains?

    here's an example.

    a domain I own.

    ok now everyone knows Elon Musk's Tesla company. why wouldn't my registrar give me a heads up on this domain ? and since it didn't is it understood that I'm free and clear to do whatever I want with it?
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    by the way? is owned by someone else. Highland Wi-Fi Ltd
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    The best advice is to stay away from trademarked domains. It just is not worth the potential problems, and there are many other choices out there so why risk it?
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    You are part of the problem facing this industry! Had to say that, I don't know if anyone else can or will say it to other domainers.

    If you want to get sued and make domaining look worse, then reg some TM domains.

    If you want to make some money and keep this business going in the right direction, then look for and reg domains that have no TM issues.

    Do yourself and us a favor.

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