Can I become a (Non-Resident) Canadian Registered Agent for .ca domains using a Canadian Trademark?

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    recently I created a thread on here about .ca domains.

    Many mentioned it was impossible and that there are no registrars that would do it because it is so strict.

    It seems it is possible to own a .ca domain if you don't live in Canada.

    It just would be an expensive proposition.

    Here are the options

    1. Open up a company in Canada with a physical address.
    2. Move to Canada and have a physical address there and be a citizen passport and driver's license.
    3. This last one is the main focus of discussion here. Register a Canadian Trademark.

    I've looked into this rabbit hole and the prices are of course high..

    Ranging from $705 at Marcaria to $905 at your typical Canadian TM lawyer.

    Not a very good idea at first glance when you figure you probably just wanted to register 1 or 2 domains.

    .ca is kind of like "virgin lands" from the looks of it. with population of 37 million. It's not huge like USA but still. that's no chump change.

    So say you plopped down $705 at Marcaria for a Trademark in Canada?

    Now you can legally register .ca domains legal at any registrar for the cheap regular price not $150 to include the registered agent option.

    with that said.

    for the cost of $705 to be worthwhile you'd have to register about what?

    Figiure $10 to register a .ca or less at some places.

    $700/ $10 = 70 domains.

    I don't think I'd plan on ever buying that many domains but consider that at one point Marcaria was charging $150 to register .ca domain with registered agent in tow.

    $700/$150. At $600 that's 4 .ca domains. At $750 that's 5 domains.

    but..if you plan on keeping the domains for years to age them. After that first year. you only pay $10 each so you save there.

    But I think the real money saver is if you use that register trademark to become yourself a register agent for .ca domains.

    Yes or no?

    or would THAT not be allowed?

    I mean not technically a registered agent. Effectively I'd register whatever domain you tell me and it would be all on the "honor system" lol I know I know. no one will ever trust that much but let's assume someone is ok with this.

    would this work?

    Could I with a registered trademark in Canada warehouse for non-canadians domains not in their names but mine?

    That's essentially a registered agent right?

    I could charge $50-$120 per domain like Marcaria was doing.
    How would this not work?

    I can't wait to hear some responses. lol

    and for perspective.

    Domain Price Date Venue 600,000 USD 2008-05-07 Private 450,000 USD 2013-12-25 Sedo 400,000 USD 2010-06-01 SnapNames 206,906 USD 2010-07-09 Private 120,000 USD 2012-01-18 Private 99,000 USD 2013-08-14 GoDaddy 88,000 USD 2017-12-31 77,000 USD 2020-01-05 75,600 USD 2011-01-03 60,000 USD 2010-07-21 Private

    Domain Price Date Venue 58,590 USD 2014-01-15 54,977 USD 2008-07-01 50,000 USD 2018-06-18 Sedo 47,000 USD 2012-03-28 Uniregistry 45,000 USD 2012-02-08 Uniregistry 41,000 USD 2008-04-09 Pool 39,750 USD 2017-07-23 39,200 USD 2013-02-25 Afternic 36,800 USD 2014-09-10 36,050 USD 2006-03-28 Pool

    Domain Price Date Venue 36,000 USD 2016-04-29 Uniregistry 35,200 USD 2014-10-22 ShopCity 34,000 USD 2019-04-07 UnicDomains 34,000 USD 2010-01-26 N49 Interactive 33,363 USD 2006-05-23 Private 32,500 USD 2011-02-25 Sedo 31,200 USD 2008-07-30 Sedo 30,933 USD 2008-07-09 30,000 USD 2015-07-19 UnicDomains
    f** 30,000 USD 2013-03-11 Sedo

    Domain Price Date Venue 30,000 USD 2012-12-05 30,000 USD 2012-11-28 Uniregistry 29,000 USD 2019-07-07 UnicDomains/Above Marketplace 29,000 USD 2017-04-20 Uniregistry 28,880 USD 2010-01-01 Private 28,000 USD 2014-04-16 Uniregistry 28,000 USD 2011-01-29 Sedo 27,840 USD 2013-11-13 Inc. 26,801 USD 2006-05-09 26,250 USD 2014-03-12
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    I would think @MapleDots would be the best person to answer, along with consulting a lawyer.

    The extension has had 55 sales over the last two years, Juice might not be worth the squeeze for a non Canadian not knowing the market intimately. 77,000 USD 2020-01-05 50,000 USD 2018-06-18 Sedo 34,000 USD 2019-04-07 UnicDomains 29,000 USD 2019-07-07 UnicDomains/Above Marketplace 25,000 USD 2018-10-14 UnicDomains 18,000 USD 2019-11-03 16,000 USD 2019-07-14 DropWizard 15,882 USD 2019-08-18 Uniregistry 15,532 USD 2018-03-03 15,495 USD 2019-12-11 Sedo 15,000 USD 2018-03-15 Uniregistry 13,121 USD 2018-03-03 12,000 USD 2018-02-11 11,100 USD 2019-05-26 10,000 USD 2019-10-13 Uniregistry 10,000 USD 2019-02-20 Sedo 10,000 USD 2018-10-28 GoDaddy 8,888 USD 2018-12-06 Sedo 8,732 USD 2018-03-08 7,400 USD 2018-05-20 Afternic 7,000 USD 2019-05-24 Sedo 6,900 USD 2019-12-01 Uniregistry 6,000 USD 2018-03-27 Sedo 5,580 USD 2019-12-16 Sedo 5,500 USD 2018-04-26 Sedo 5,300 USD 2019-05-01 Sedo 5,000 USD 2019-03-27 Sedo 5,000 USD 2018-10-14 UnicDomains 4,999 USD 2019-09-10 Sedo 4,999 USD 2018-04-24 Sedo 4,000 USD 2019-06-20 Sedo 4,000 USD 2018-05-11 Sedo 3,500 USD 2019-10-20 Uniregistry 3,500 USD 2018-10-19 Sedo 3,500 USD 2018-10-14 UnicDomains 3,000 USD 2019-10-09 Sedo 2,999 USD 2018-10-03 Sedo 2,999 USD 2018-02-28 Flippa 2,990 USD 2018-08-12 AscendDomains 2,667 USD 2019-07-31 NameJet 2,500 USD 2019-09-13 Sedo 2,500 USD 2018-03-05 Sedo 2,495 USD 2020-01-13 Sedo 2,490 USD 2018-03-12 Sedo 2,000 USD 2019-10-22 Sedo 2,000 USD 2019-04-18 Sedo 2,000 USD 2018-06-22 Sedo 1,500 USD 2018-11-01 Flippa 944 USD 2018-02-15 Uniregistry 400 USD 2020-01-03 Sedo 400 USD 2019-08-20 Sedo 225 USD 2018-12-10 Sedo 200 USD 2018-09-20 Sedo 175 USD 2020-01-10 Sedo 149 USD 2020-01-18 Afternic
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    I don't think simply having a TM satisfies the Canadian Presence Requirements to register unrelated domains.

    Trade-mark registered in Canada. A Person which does not meet any of the foregoing conditions, but which is the owner of a trade-mark which is the subject of a registration under the Trade-marks Act (Canada) R.S.C. 1985, c.T-13 as amended from time to time, but in this case such permission is limited to an application to register a .ca domain name consisting of or including the exact word component of that registered trade-mark
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    I dont think you would need to have a TM in order to own one, what matters is the actual presence there. I have a partner there and we are setting up a company and having made a research,it is and you dont have to pay anything other than the normal expenses to running the business.
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    Agree with what was said above, as far as registering a TM and unrelated domains.

    With regards to acting as an agent - as far as I understand that isn't allowed either, as you are not allowed to hold a domain on someone else's behalf. Apparently domains are investigated based on complaints, but if I remember correctly, CIRA also audits domain registrations on their own.

    Peter Maxymych of emall explored an option a while back by at high expense, along with several lawyers. It included setting up a trust that holds the domains, but as far as I recall, this didn't fly at CIRA either and lead to a change of the rules.
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    Wow. Cool thanks. I would not have not known this info without your post.

    I do notice a ton of domains sold via Emall as the venue. 77,000 USD 2020-01-05 12,000 USD 2018-02-11 14,400 USD 2017-12-31 88,000 USD 2017-12-31
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    I solved my own problem. Thanks to all who contributed. Thanks.

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