budget: above $1 Buying SH / BB accepted brandables



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Hello all - Good day. Looking to buy brandable names accepted at SH/BB

Please send names with following criteria:
  • .COM names only; seller owned
  • No numbers or hyphens, less than or equal to 12 characters
  • Preference would be for meaningful 2-Word .COM (eg: ChargeFund, CropZen, HugePivot)
  • Also open to Keyword+LL combinations (eg: Lendlo, Cartky, Packfi) and 5L.coms (eg: epvia)
  • Please send registrar, expiry date and asking price
Paying between $15-$40 per name depending on quality. Payment will be through Paypal / SH Mkt / Epik.

Current budget is ~$1k, will increase if there are suitable names/portfolios. Happy to look at portfolios in bulk.

Will try to respond to all PMs which meet the criteria.

Best - SD
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