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budget: above $100 Buying / 2 domains

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Hi guys,

I'm looking to buy domains or two domains.

1) domains - Pronounceable ( if I cannot pronounce it, I won't buy it) - Budget/ name - $150 - $400

2) two words .com - $10 - $150/name
  • Tech and Crypto niches
  • no hyphens
  • no numbers
  • less than 15 letters
  • has to make sense
Please include a price and the registrar.

If your domain was previosly listed at auction or in fixed price section of namepros in the last 2 months, I've probably seen it and the price was too high or it didn't catch my eye so please take that into consideration.

I will reply to the messages with domains that I'm interested in buying, so sorry if I don't reply to yours.

Payment by PayPal.

Have a great day!
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Thread has been closed / Buyer has not posted in the thread within 30 days.

Thank you for understanding.
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