negotiable butlermd and mdbutler various extensions

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This started as a question that was apparently answered by a mod moving it to the appropriate make offer section. Thanks to the moderator. I am green in this realm.

I intend to sell these individually through direct contact for higher return but may sell all at once to the right offer.

All of these are registered at GKG.Net, a small outfit I've known many years in College Station, Texas.
They are personal last names with initials that happen to represent professional titles and of course whatever the mind could dream up otherwise.


"MD" "Maryland" (the name of a tiny USA state), "Medical Doctors", "Military Doctors", "Medical Directors", and probably other high falootin' titles that people seem to be so proud of.

...not to mention, but I do, novelty "Mud Duck" (I live in huntin' country), "Mad Dog", "Mad Doctor", "MD" as in 20/20, and so forth, believe me, I know... The value in novelties like this are that they can be nostalgic nickname or other emotional attachments for some. Of course research and direct contact is what would yield a perhaps impulsive high value for these.
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There is no historical sales reported in namebio.com for this kind of domains. It means you have very little chances to sell such a domain on a public auction.
Your best chances would probably be to check each domain in G and see if it relates/matches an existing business, If so, you can try to contact this business directly.
Thanks, aramyus, I edited to match the section moved to and converted to a make offer post. As stated above, these increase in value if one does the work of finding the end users. I will do that unless someone comes up with enough of an offer that changes my mind.
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