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the website block. xyz not loading properly on mobile devices too slowly

Regarding the block it sounds unfriendly more like banned that's why block.one upgraded to bullish.com and b1.com...

Jack Blockhead didn't get block username on Twitter, the brand is block but username is blocks.
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Not just entrepreneurs of startups and SMEs, Jack Dorsey now also uses .xyz for his business. It shows strong demands for .xyz in end user side. And Jack's case may trigger higher demands for the extension.
everyone understand that the . xyz makes his startup cheese.
block.xyz looks like a spam domain.



Good morning @Future Sensors,

Great to hear that. We will soon launch a page with all integrators that are linked to our network. I cannot give away any names yet but several larger organizations are already working on getting integrated as we speak.

@Dane, we will initially show if the origin of your sale through the seller invoice. This will change in the near future!

I remember 2+ years ago I gave up the bidding when this domain dropped…
I think i too gaveup..:(


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I was reading a LinkedIn thread, and someone claimed to have sold this domain for 4999 USD in May to Square.
It's this reason why I believe XYZ domains being sold on sav are being sold for chump change. A company like Square paying 5k for a domain is an outrage, to me at least, in the grand scheme of things.

Assuming this story is even true they could have easily paid more than $4999 if the seller only knew and asked for more, but I get it, hindsight is 2020 and maybe he or she was not expecting it to sell to such a company of this magnitude and so setting the bar so low.

That's why I put my XYZ for XX,XXXX, just in case, if you really want it you can have it, type of deal. Obviously, the price needs to match the quality of the name, but a single-word dictionary for $4999 is a steal for a company like Square. It's very fashionable right now for individuals with a lot of $$$ and notoriety to buy XYZ.

If Square and the countless other recent sales are not proof then I don't know what is. There's still time to make some money with XYZ but it'll eventually get more difficult. Also, I'm guessing here but $4999 could have been the initial price and they paid it without hesitation, it could have been 15K and they likely would have still paid for it.

Aim high
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