Binance.Exchange sold for 12000$ (My experience)

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    My comment is spot on because you actually took the time to post about a sale which is clearly cybersquatting, and gave it a positive spin. Any professional domainer in your position would, at a minimum, enjoy the sale and be quiet about it.

    Whether you actually think it's rinse and repeat is irrelevant to the point I was trying to make. Good luck.
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    I am not that kind of domainer, we call that hypocrisy ... so hidding that sale from others will make me a professional domainer ?! Would be happy to carry the title of "squatter" in that case.

    BTW I think nothing, you you are thinking in my place ;)
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    I honestly agree.

    This is not domaining. This is illegal cybersquatting. I tried to google for a dictionary word for Binance... it's not there. You basically sold someone their trademark.

    I guess because of the ubiquity of "binance" trademarks, they decided not to challenge the UDRP... but still.

    Anyway, I noticed that .exchange doesn't last. I used to trade on Stocks.Exchange... but in the end they decided to rebrand to So, imho, a 4L .com is more valuable than a .exchange.

    I suppose the lost traffic or misclicks or something caused them to rebrand.
  4. TheBuyerz

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    They rebranded to to steal traffic of an old exchange ( right now), it is somehow a cybersquatting...

    I asked the moderators for removing this thread, but it is an impossible mission ... I agree with you on this point... if we can make a vote or something it will be awesome ! Lesson learned, do your business here without too much talking, some people makes an intervention only when not needed, there is many thread that calls for help and orientation, you will find no posts of them there ... but in this kind of thread magically they appear with their millions years of experience, a showcase of their knowledge on this field... too much speculations and speech without sense.

    Posting your experience on some of your sold domain names, will help others too much, especially new comers.

    Just FYI
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