Best way to reach GERMAN/AUSTRIAN potential end buyers re: Technologie

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  1. Federer

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    I have had some success doing some carefully-researched, targeted outbound on some higher-value domains as of late.

    One of the domains I am now looking to sell is Technologie(.)com - which translates to in German, French & Dutch. I have already received 3 offers (€10.000-€14.000 range) in the past few weeks alone (please note that I have only owned this domain for past month).

    However, there is a strict marketing law in Germany/Switerland/Austria where you cannot send out unsolicited emails. If there are any investors here from these regions, which method would you recommend to getting word out (to the right audience) that this domain is available for acquisition?

    Would advertising via a digital media outlet ou magazine (tech-orientated audience) potentially be beneficial?
    Thank you in advance for sharing your opinions.
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  2. dominioso

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    A quick google search for the keyword "technologie "
    Copy a list of potential buyers
    Contact them using the contact form in their website
    Example :

    There's a reason why they have a contact form is to be contacted .
    use common sense
  3. NickB

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    Do you live in any of these countries? If not shouldn't be a problem....

    I have sent highly personalised mailshots to companies in all 3 of these countries and only a very very small percentage have got the hump...never been reporred, flagged, charged etc

    If it is personal, on point and giving them the option to speak on the phone to discuss further then for me it was not a big deal.....

    Just my experience, probably better for a native to give you their perspective.....
  4. gilescoley

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    I have sold quite a few names to german companies and never had a problem. Most are very polite and friendly, even when they arent interested

    Great name, as you already know, its registered is plenty of extensions so you have all sorts of options

    .com, .de, .net, .org,, .ru, .nl, .info, .eu, .top, .cf, .fr, .us, .xyz,, .it, .ca, .co, .ch, .pl, .online, .site, .biz, .be, .club, .at, .cz, .me, .app, .ir, .cc, .io, .tv, .store, .sk, .mobi, .tech,, .nu, .pro, .asia, .ml, .today, .ws, .agency, .studio, .services, .center, .tips, .technology,, .zone, .expert, .education, .land, .immo, .amsterdam, .consulting, .directory, .bayern, .farm, .reviews, .coach, .tirol,, .wiki,, .wien, .management,, .ooo, .ruhr, .frl,, .vlaanderen, .audi

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