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question Best way to liquidate 20 domains?



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Hello, newbie here. My partner and I have about 20 domains to liquidate from a business we shut down. I don't want to hold out years for the best price and would like to sell most of them within a month or so for whatever the best price I can get in that time frame. They are registered at Godaddy and I have a Sedo account, where I bought some of them but I've never been a seller before. I'm a bit overwhelmed at all the different sites and ways to list. Godaddy appraisals say they are worth around $12K total. Any advice would be appreciated on where to even start.


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In terms of valuations, there are various sites that can give a different perspective. and can provide some perspective.
Namepros does have free domain appraisal here as well. Google does apparently record NamePros content though. Concerns have been raised about potential negatively impact on some sales. A quick free appraisal doesn't go into the depth that the more professional ones do, but can provide some useful general insights.
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