Best SquadHelp Listing to Use?

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    Hello NamePro's,

    I've been searching on the forum, but haven't been able to find the best advice regarding SquadHelp and their types of listings.

    In your opinion and experience, which is the best type of listing to use for your domains submitted to SquadHelp and why?

    They have 3 options, namely:
    • Option 1: Basic Listing
    • Option 2: Basic Plus Listing
    • Option 3: Premium Listing
    Explanations can be found here:
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    I'm fairly new to Squadhelp (I just joined last week, but so far I have a 50% approval rate). I will say that it sort of depends on what your intentions are.

    Option 3, Premium Listings are by far the best in terms of exposure and showing up when a user searches. SH also does quite a bit of remarketing on these names, from what I hear, so if someone visits the listings, they may see the name show up in ads later. With Premium, you also get a logo designed.

    The drawback, of course, is that it takes longer for names to get approved, and there's a higher commission.

    I'm not sure what the appeal of Basic Plus is, to be honest. It seems like kind of a high commission when you're much less than you'd get at the Premium level.

    Basic listings are just that — basic. But there's no approval process, so you can register and list names very quickly, and Squadhelp will automatically generate a sales page with your description. You can also add Lifestyle images to Basic listings now.

    Most of mine are Premium, but I have one Basic listing right now because I wanted to submit it for a contest, and regged it just in case the contest holder wanted to use it. I'm not sure how much traffic the Basic listings get aside from type-in traffic (it's too soon for me to tell).

    If you have great names, i.e. one-word .io or .co or solid .com brandables or two-word combos, it makes the most sense to list them as Premium. If your names aren't the highest quality, a lot will probably get declined. You can always add the rest as Basic listings to test out the platform; just keep in mind the commissions at each level.
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