sales Best lander to make sales - Sedo,Dan,Afternic Buy Now, Afternic Enquiry page

You can use NameContainer to make your own landing page.

It allows customers to purchase domain names through PayPal, Escrow. In addition, multiple domain name platforms (Such as After,SEDO,DAN,Epik...) can be set up for each domain name. Customers can choose the appropriate platform for guaranteed purchases. A full range of domain name transaction methods can help you better selling domain names to customers.


About NameContainer Domain Parking Script

With this script, you can manage the landing pages of all your domain names as you like, Such as:
1. Some domains can make offer, and some not
2. Some domain's landing page is coming soon ( For trademark related domains, this will be very useful )
3. Redirect some domains to the buy now page of Godaddy, Sedo, Dan, Namecheap...
4. Some domains Implicit Forward to other website
You can design some templates by yourself to implement some other functions you need.

Some Features
Excel Import/Export Domains, Online Update Domains
Buy via Paypal, Buy/MakeOffer via Escrow
Unlimited Domains / BIN Platforms / Landing Page Template
Multiple BIN Platforms for each domain
Landing Page Template setting for each domain
Buy via Paypal, Buy/MakeOffer via Escrow
Notification(Offer received) Email to customer and you

Click the below link to get more information:


NameContainer Website: http://www.namecontainer.com/
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I use this on my site:

List it at all the 3 major marketplaces and point your domain to the landing page.

I second this. I use this landing page setup to redirect to any of the marketplaces I want to point for sales, inquiries, etc. Mobile-friendly as well.
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