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Hey guys,

I have some strange feelings when it comes to domains auctions.

As I thought there would (& should) be some easy/est way to do it, but as you see, it ain't...

Can you please clarify,

where do you get the highest exposure towards domainers / end users?!

Which has an old and ugly interface...

As far as I know, afternic does not even support auctions.

One must pay high fees for auctions there (?)

Maybe registrars like dynadot - very easy to set up, but do you have enough interests there?

Where else?!

When it comes to used tech etc., it's so easy: eBay.

Millions of visitors etc.

When it comes to domain.names, I don't see the same.

Although it would be so lucrative here. opinion.

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Very interesting question, as a relatively newer player I'm also looking to find the best options when it comes to auctioning domains, hopefully, there is a suitable cheaper alternative to Sedo's around $80 auction listing fee.

However, when it comes to why this space has no clear equivalent of eBay, that's easy, eBay turns over upwards of $150 million a day, and allows users to sell almost anything, while we are a niche market selling one thing that maybe does that much volume in maybe 3/6/12 months? Did you know you can actually sell domains on eBay, however, I wouldn't recommend it due to low seller protection on these kinds of things