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Ariff BD

Restricted (50-70%)
I wanted to know which one is considered the best day of a week & time for domain Auction-Particularly on sav. com

Time & date is not same in countries but most of the buyers are cluttered in western world so it is better we start auction maintaining a good time for them & avoid the bad times.

So this is my little Survey.

I evaluated 44 highest value #Domain sold in last 6 months (assured that all sav sale report on namebio is from Auction).
And highlighted the day of the week for them.

The number of sales in the days of week for 44 highest value domains sold in last year of sav auction are-

SAturday -6
Sunday - 7
Monday - 8
Tuesday- 3
Wenesday - 5
Thursday - 11
Friday -4

Thursday wins!!!

I wonder Why Thursday? not Friday the last day of week. But The First working day of Week Monday is second best. But the last day of week Frday & Tuesday is the worst.

I cannot post picture here of the report but you can see my twitter by this hashtag #evaluated44 to see the screenshot.
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