Benefits of private domain registration?

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    I am wondering an effective advice about the private domain registration.
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    I am not sure if that really impact if your business is in startup. But When you have a brand. Lot of people wants to know about the CEO or the owner of the domain. They look at the database. There could be negative and positive impact. You might get spammed but marketeers :) . Many of people avoid showing there personal information on Whois.
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    A common benefit of a private registration is to avoid spam in the form of phone calls, e-mail, and physical mail. Whois information can also be used for different scam purposes. Some people would also like to avoid that they can be connected to different domains. E.g., a person having a business site at domainA might not be interested in making it public that the person also runs a non-related site, blog, etc. at domainB.

    For business purposes, the decision between using a private or open registration is a bit more tricky. Public whois information is often seen as a sign of trust and transparency.
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