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  1. dynajordan

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    When I visit a domain I want for a side business I *may* start soon, it goes to a landing page with sponsored links and a link to contact the domain owner through mydomaincontact (strange that domain doesn't resolve to anything). I filled out the form and asked if it was for sale. someone wrote me pretty quickly and said they would consider a sale and asked for an offer. I offered $450. Not knowing what the best approach would be. They quickly wrote back and asked for $2,200.

    Here is where they look desperate. I did not respond and they followed up 3 times. I finally responded and said the price was too high, but thank you and good luck. Their response to that was that it was just an asking price and what was my best offer. I did not respond. They followed up again offering to deal a deal to give me credits for some website and include the domain for free. I again did not respond. Two more times they followed up. I finally responded that my offer I thought for $500 was fair.

    They responded, some "other guy" is not available to pay and if I complete deal now they will accept $450. Pay by PayPal. $50 now and $400 after transfer is complete. But must be done now. Saying they need USD in their PayPal.

    So my thoughts are this is a scam to get my $50. But it was me who reached out first. If this is legit, is PayPal a secure way to transfer domains? Or should some other escrow type service be used. And doesn't it take a little while for the domain to transfer over? They said it can be done quickly, in about 10 minutes. Whole process just seemed weird and desperate. This was over about a week.

    Any advice is much appreciated.
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  2. du6262

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    • Domain names are really fast to roll in and out
    • However, it is advisable to trade on a secure and reliable platform
    • good luck
  3. chenzen

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    Use escrow service. Dan or epik escrow services would be good enough for you.
  4. The Durfer

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    yes, include a third party, i agree with @chenzen, epiks platform is fine for what you are doing, same with if you go with paypal dont do family and friends payment, they dont cover you in that payment option like buying goods and services.
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  5. biggie

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    walk away

    as you said, they are desperate for a sale

    if you read some other threads of newbie sellers, they pretty much do the same thing as you described, when they get an offer.

    they don't know how to be patient, so they hound the potential who showed interest, until their leverage is lost.

    so, they'll probably lower the price again.

  6. NickB

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    I have been there and done that........lesson learnt :xf.rolleyes:

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