Before buying a domain do you look at TLD Spam rating?

Labeled as question in Domain Extensions started by Nothing, Sep 6, 2018.


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    I do and its really worth the effort. One domain this week had lots of backlinks, Too many. The site was on just about every spam list, Blocked by google with a warning not to open it. Malwarebytes and my avast lit up when i tried to see what it looked like in google cache. Thankfully i didnt buy it. But, it looks like a really solid domain, given the metrics on it.

    It would have been a total waste of money. And, had the potential to discredit the good domains i have via the shared ip and same email address on icann etc.if i had. pop ups, malicious code, a hijacker script, and who knows what else. Why do they do stuff like that to domains with good metrics. dam it..

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