discuss Been away for 2 years, sold 2 domains recently, questions for the group

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I've been away for just over two years from the forum. I get reactivated everytime I see activity with my portfolio. I have been receiving serious offers lately and accepted to sell two through godaddy's domain brokerage. I would have negotiated a bit more these two domains but in this case I just accepted because I have been feeling a sentiment of economical doom. It may be particular to my location and industry though. I have a few questions to the group:
  1. Did you also get a pickup in the last two months on the activity of serious buyers ?
  2. In my case, the bump was with .com domains, are the new and shiny extensions wearing out ?
  3. My latest sales have been thorugh godaddy (either afternic or brokerage). I've receive only lame offers though sedo, which is the other marketplace where I have some listed. Where are you selling your domains now ?
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