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🎬 Let’s set the scene for an interesting thread:

🎙 (Announcer clears throat.)

🗣 “Welcome to the Domain Utility Arena. Today’s match involves (2) payable domain concepts from opposite ends of the domain name spectrum. On the left we have the centralized “” which is representing GoDaddy; and on the right we have the decentralized “payabledomains.eth” representing Ethereum Name Service (ENS) and the Ethereum Blockchain. With the end-user trophy on the line……..


👀 Times have gotten very interesting, and in some cases weird, in the domain space. The idea of what defines a domain and its utility is evolving before our eyes. Blockchain domains have leapt into the digital identity, and crypto payment, spotlight. This is despite some centralized domain maximalists writing it off as an “unsustainable fad”. Often to the tune of using the history of past alternative naming projects as the poster-children for their views.

⛓ Needless to say, times are different now; and GoDaddy has made this clear with the announcement, and launch, of their “payable domains” endeavor. This move symbolizes they recognize an impending shift. ENS names are the darlings of the blockchain space; and their .eth extension is rapidly gaining traction as the blockchain’s equivalent of .com in terms of its positioning. .eth is to the Ethereum blockchain what .com is to the centralized internet.

🤔 This is definitely an exciting moment. However, there’s a looming question about who the title for “THE payable domain” will go to. On the surface, one would say .eth considering it has “monetary transaction” as part of its origin. Centralized extensions like .com have website commerce baked into their origin; but not the payment utility that .eth had from the onset. All of which GoDaddy is likely aware of. This means their payable domains endeavor “could” be a response to a rise in crypto payment interest.

🛠 The public’s interest in crypto payments will only be enhanced by ENS’ release of a bridging option for .com domains and their .eth counterparts. A move that incentivizes .com domain holders to give a .eth blockchain domain a try without having to compromise their brand while gaining access to greater utility. Some would argue this was a brilliant on-boarding strategy on ENS’ part. Especially with the somewhat static utility of centralized domains being “identity and email”.

💰 Someone on social media recently stated that “.com is king until the need to accept payments comes knocking”. It was an opinionated view of course; but it got us thinking about whether GoDaddy believes such an idea could lead to market share loss vulnerability. An idea that could become a reality if centralized domains are viewed as mere browser bar vanity plates. It’s going to be interesting to see how GoDaddy’s swing at payable domains pans out in this climate.

🦾 GoDaddy is undoubtedly a behemoth in the centralized domain space; but .eth (paired with the Ethereum blockchain and cryptocurrency) are a collective behemoth themselves. We’re predicting GoDaddy will lead with a strategy that involves establishing themselves as an innovator in centralized payable domains; while offering their own bridge to .eth and the Ethereum blockchain for the vast number of customers who’ll desire, and maybe even need, it.

🍿 It seems domain names like “” and “payabledomains.eth” will be one in the same assuming GoDaddy integrates accepting crypto payments into their plans. If that becomes the case, who knows what a domain name’s utilities will be in the near term. At bare minimum, we’d say “more robust” at both ends of the centralized and decentralized domain name spectrum. Grab the popcorn and enjoy the show. This could result in a better domain name utility narrative.

(DISCLAIMER: As of this publishing date, and are both pointed to GoDaddy’s website. Apparently they’re under GoDaddy’s ownership. The blockchain domains payabledomain.eth and payabledomains.eth are privately held. Both sets of names were used for context in this thread.)

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