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To be fair, he did say 9-10 years time. Less than 3 years ago, certain TLDs were a laughing stock. Now, some laughing all the way to the .. ahem.. bank.

So keep in mind. While the singular is a perfect fit, the plural might be meaningful at some point.

Now, realism. Personally, I don't see this being a six-figure domain ever ever. The premium renewal makes no sense, and at this point the domain's value to me is less than what it costs to register it.

There are far better domains to wait on a decade for to ripen to, imo. Multiply the renewals by the number of years looking to hold and what you want to make on top of that, plus consider:

- TLD potential (.credit, will there be potential for a big market for it?)
- name+TLD quality (, doesn't seem too credible in terms of paying a six-figure sum for to build a brand on)
- in the case of low demand for a TLD, only the very best should be considered for long-term holdings.
- this TLD word isn't of "mass appeal" branding status nor will reach it, so the market will most likely always remain somewhat niche especially for combinations that don't properly fit.

@Alessandro Couteau has an excellent example of a high-value domain in this TLD.

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