Band domain investing - "Jumbo Lump Daddy and The Backfin Boys"

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    Anyone into Band Names? What's your favorite?

    Here are a few of Spin's Top 40 Band Names. I've heard only half of the top 40 and here's a few;

    The Velvet Underground
    Thirteenth Floor Elevators
    The Who
    Sex Pistols
    Strawberry Alarm Clock
    Throbbing Gristle
    Motorhead - number one and I've never heard of them

    My favorite band name is "Jumbo Lump Daddy and the Backfin Boys" The reason I'm even bringing this up is because two days ago the "Flavor" section of my local newspaper had an article about a new seafood restaurant that was opening here in Coastal (CoVa) Virginia, and they were seeking a new name for their restaurant. I say new because the location had a successful restaurant named OneFish-TwoFish who's owners retired, and the new owners wanted to change the name.

    Since I'm in the process of helping my region of Southeastern Virginia re-brand itself from "Hampton Roads" to "CoVa", stands for Coastal Virginia, I thought I might recommend a couple of names that I own like CovaSeafood and CoVaGrill. While those names are OK, remembering reading that one of the owners Adrian Coloprete said; "We're going to have a crabcake that's our "Loss L
    eader" that has 100% lump crabmeat even if the food costs run 50 or even 60%. This got me to thinking about my favorite band name.

    Armed with the knowledge that
    Jumbo Lump Daddy and his band disband about 5 years ago after a 10 year run, I checked to see it the domain JumboLumpDaddy(.)com was available and Voila!

    btw, I'm not interested in selling the name to them, but rather bartering for some publicity for That Name Guy, and the new branding of Southeastern Va.

    Finally, if you were to google Jumbo Lump Daddy you'll see where they had a Facebook page and a pretty good following while their gig lasted. I intend to reach out to the original Jumbo Lump Daddy to see if he would like to be involved like; Jumbo Lump Crabcakes for

    So what's your favorite band? Are they still around? Any interesting stories about their name? Cheers!

    ps. the type of crab we're talking about here is the Chesapeake Bay
    Blue Crab, the Best Crab in the World!

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    LOL, you and 5000 other people. You're region has been doing this for two years. Lots of businesses are already called CoVa or use the abbreviation. You really love to pat yourself on the back. :ROFL:

    Every post you make has you as some domaining genius with so many connections. LOL.

    If you really are a millionaire, which you suddenly started telling everyone after being here for two years, why arent you BUYING good domains ?

    You hand reg thousands of domains that just pile up when you actually claim to have money which you could use to buy good quality closeouts, drop catches and auctions. Something dont sound right about your story of wealth.

    Did you tell those prospective clients that you are so irritating to people on Namepros, that you have been suspended numerous times and now have a restricted account ? I am sure they would "love" to do business with you if they saw your threads. :-P

    Well, moving on.....
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    Hey there Jimbo...since you know so much about my region and it's attempt to re-brand itself to possibly CoVa Virginia, I'm guessing you know who owns domains like; CoVaCredit, CoVaBrands, CovaLegal, CoVaTours, CoVaResidential, CoVaDesigns, CoVaGolf, CoVaGrill, CoVaNews and CoVaJobs. In case that isn't enough for you, I own 40 other CoVa domains that cover the region for every possible venue. I guess you might say I've wasted $450, but remember what I've been saying about Risk vs. Reward? What you might want to check out is the regional name for Northern Virginia which is NoVa. And in case we don't go with CoVa, I've covered other bases like SeaVa representing Southeast Virginia or Virginia by the Sea. If you think you can do better, might I suggest you get involved. What do you

    And as for my story of wealth, I didn't comment on it until another old timer here claimed that he has ideas worth Billions with a "B", and being the humble guy that I am, I thought I'd bring the conversation back to my level.

    Jimbo, if you've felt "belittled" by me I apologize, and even though I've been "berated" by many an old timer, I'm able to get over it. The need to apologize spawned two domains I hand registered a few months ago; HugeApology(.)com and Apology.Gifts. I figured we all have something we should apologize for almost daily, and these domains, "if" developed and promoted, could generate millions in profit.Cheers!

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