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Backorder advice for domain pending deletion



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Hi there,

A domain I would like is listed as pending deletion. The current registrar is Godaddy.

I just want the domain for personal stuff. I'm not sure it has commercial value. It's been available on and off before. From looking into it a few years ago, I don't think it's ever been used for anything. But I guess leaving it to be deleted and become available could be too risky. I thought I would backorder through a handful of services.

Is that what you would do?

Is there anything/anyone you would avoid in my position?

Sorry if this all seems obvious. I haven't done it before so I'd be grateful for any advice.



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Thanks for your reply.

This is probably a naive question: can backordering through more services stimulate competition?

It's possible the name could be useful to someone but I don't believe it's ever been used - it's just passed in and out of ownership for years. So I was thinking I'd backorder through, say, two or three services. And if I get it, I get it.


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If the current registrar is godaddy, that mean that nobody bought it on closeout, even for $5
Actually, I have a suspition not all names go to the closeouts.
I have seen some 4L in dot com dropping from GD without going there
It could be forced deletions, but deleting a 4L is a direct loss..


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Does it have anything making it valuable to other people ?
Will there be competition?

If not, you can use a cheap but trusted backordering platform.
Otherwise, backorder it at as many places as possible to maximize your chances of catching it

Hi @Gube . How are you bro?
what are cheap backordering platforms that catch .uk .co .io easily?
Best regards
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