Get your catchy domain at
Showcase your Avatar domains here. Also showcase terms that relate to it like skins and mods

I know a lot of you have been investing in Avatar domains so thought it deserved it's own thread. I myself am very bullish on them. I see this area exploding in the near future especially as live NFT type Avatars come to the market and there has been some good news on them lately

This week I acquired 2 premium Avatar domains in
Avatar Store ./com
Avatar Shop ./com

I also handregged a few too. Happy hunting mates! Very exciting times for us all in these niches!


it's a mystery
I'm giving this niche a miss, but I did a scan this morning for Avatar + Keyword & Keyword + Avatar - scrolled through a few thousand combinations and noticed a lot of people are not securing the plural version on some decent domains on the Keyword + Avatar combo's - in some cases the plural makes more sense if someone wants to sell, design etc etc multiple avatar's within a specific area........

Not securing both is a big mistake if you ask me.....


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My first 2

A/v/a/t/a/r/S/k/i/n/s (com) Aftermarket
G/o/t/A/v/a/t/a/r/s (com) Hand R

And I just Acquired this beautiful Premium : (21+ years old)
along with .io .xyz bundle ready
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A Big congrats to @Sumeeth

Meta / Avatars (.) Net
Domain type: Hand Registered on June 2021
Sale type: inbound/make offer
Price: 38000€
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Yes I took an educated guess that this is the name he sold the other day haha was eagerly waiting to share with all

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