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.au domain hacks - are they worth it?

Earlier this year .au domains became available.

I decided to buy a bunch of them and am wondering whether people think they are worthwhile keeping. Some are town names, some are people names and others are mostly French words ending in .au.

The way I see it is that they are the shorted domains these towns or people can buy.

What do you think?


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then u need to finder a buyer with ABN , and who is interested in these hacks .. - attracts users from brazil but they cant buy it bec of ABN .. and a person who has ABN Have no business in blumenau

slim chances .. but good luck
I have to agree with this. I've actually owned a in the past, despite the restrictions, but if the registry checked to follow up if I fulfilled those requirements, it could have easily been taken away with no legal recourse.

Actually, I like some of your names, and that's coming from someone that doesn't speak French. Not so much a fan of first name+last name hacks, but that's personal preference. Unfortunately, I can imagine that your buyer pool is going to be very limited at best because of the .au requirements.

Good luck, but I believe you'll be dropping these in the future.
Actually I have a different plan of attack on most of them. I will approach influencers and offer them the domain to use in exchange for x number of posts by them each year for my business. A very low amount of posts in fact so that it's a no-brainer for them and a win for me.
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