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    Exactly what @Michael has done with Namebio is at another level. Domaining is a very funny business, "Hey bro what did example1 sell for and example2 sell for and example3? After getting the answer, they might be asked about a big sale,"Oh sorry, I don't report my sales."
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    Agree, it is not Namebio fault if sales are not reported as it should not be expected of a buyer or seller to report a sale. I also don't think I complained about them in fact I said they have significant value however I can ask the sales venue why it was not reported.
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  3. .X.

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    Sedo is just a tad slower than usual, i have sold 3 names there since February
  4. Ostrados

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    I noticed that in last two months I have no offer views on my domains at Sedo (under Sales Settings view), which is strange because I used to have plenty of views in the past, also my sales stopped when the views stopped. I am not sure what caused this change from Sedo's side.
  5. artstar

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    they all suck!
  6. Haroon Basha

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    That is what well all want to know what is wrong with Sedo?
  7. Bob Hawkes

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    I decided to have a look at the Sedo venue data on NameBio. In the last month there have been 302 sales, which would be an annual rate of 3624 per year. If we compare that to the last year (4409 sales) and the per year average of the past 5 years (6320). So yes, a bit down but it seems not dramatically or suddenly. Of course only a minority of Sedo sales are reported to NameBio (only the high value ones that neither the buyer nor seller paid for privacy).

    Regarding views, I don't have an explanation unless there have been changes in their lander structure that might account for it, or possibly other venues are taking more of the pie.

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    Most dnj reported sales happen at Sedo, but are they sales made by Sedo customers, or Sedo itself? Sedo may buy and sell many domains, and get 100 percent commission. Other domains can be made difficult to sell by modifying landing pages or search results, and adding middleman between buyers and sellers. I mean such things can happen at any marketplace. There are several reasons why I'm sucpicious: they don't correct their mistakes and refuse making improvements at their web site, protect unpaying cheaters by not giving their info, and instead of real endusers only lowballing middleplayers make offers, except cheaters who are a little bit more "generous". I think Sedo is very difficult to use for endusers.

    I'm not using undeveloped, because they ignored my message. I have to spend tons of time to learn what answers to my questions would be.
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    wasn't going to jump in this one, but...

    if that is true, then why even bother posting what you think are their average sales
    when it's not factual data, just guesstaments

    also, it amazes me that some think because they aren't getting the same amount of offers or sales on a venue, that it makes them ponder if the venues' overall sales are declining.
    - like it's the platforms fault -

    maybe your best names got sold and the rest are crap, so that why your offers and sales have declined
    ever considered that?

    it's not so easy to replace a valuable name from your list as it was in the past
    but some of the "flipper minded" may not consider that

    the world of domain sales and offer quantities, don't revolve around you.
    you are not the market or the industry, you're just a participant

    I say, be thankful for what you get, and have got out of it....
    be happy you even found out how to get it and just hope the getting keeps on giving
    and that you don't get got, trying to get more.

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  10. Bob Hawkes

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    It is not a guesstimate! It is what Sedo chooses to report to NameBio.

    As I understand it all sales $2k + from Sedo are reported to NameBio except those where the client (or seller) paid the small fee to keep the sale confidential. I believe it is true that sales in which they were just a closing agent do not get reported (not quite sure). Some smaller sales are reported where the seller individually reports them. I believe the auction sales are all reported.

    As I understand it Sedo reporting rules have not changed significantly over the reporting period, so it is a valid comparison.

    Nor is it a tiny amount of data. Sedo reported for example $29 million worth of domain sales to NameBio in the last year alone.

    I think you are being unfair to NameBio in calling it a quesstimate, and indeed unfair to Sedo who we are fortunate choose to report a good fraction of their sales. It is indeed factual data.


    (ps I agree with most of the rest of your post - but simply object strongly to calling the NameBio Sedo data a guesstimate :xf.wink:)
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  11. wot

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    Worst year I have ever had by a long way and applies to all venues not just Sedo.
    Perhaps I only have crap names left in my portfolio which has been heavily culled in the last couple of years.
  12. Bob Hawkes

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    PS My apologies for jumping on your comment @biggie I reread what I had first written and now see that my comment:
    might be interpreted the way you took it.

    What I meant was by number there probably are more sales under $2k than above, and since most of those are not reported we don't know. But assuming that the sales under $2k and those above $2k track roughly the same, then there is no evidence from the NameBio data of a dramatic decrease in Sedo sales although suggestions of a minor slackening of sales rate (in terms of numbers of sales, sales dollar volumes have stayed very good).

    Anyway, sorry to be unclear in my earlier post.

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    I switched my remaining names to sedo mLs with a buy now, went to auction and only fetched 160.00 a loss on my part being Ihave paid reg fees for 18years
    Joe T

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