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    Recently hit my 1 year anniversary here (and VIP status along with it) and wanted to post a little thanks to all of you I've networked with and all I've learned from. I've owned a handful of domains for many many years starting with a large music community from 1999 to 2004ish. Since then I've grabbed a few domains here and there with development ideas, but obviously like many of you, life just moves too fast, and next thing you know, it's years later and you still haven't developed your domains ...

    That's why late last year I decided to focus on domaining .. which I'm loving! :)

    So 1200 posts (and 4200 likes) later, I hope I've managed to help some of you along the way just as others here have helped me. I've tried to participate a bit in appraisals, and lately I semi-regularly post lists of domains on Auction or at $5 closeout. Please feel free to subscribe and let me know if you find it helpful ...

    I've had a pretty distracting first year as a domainer due to multiple things in the "real world" so to speak. I have maintained the discipline of going through the lists about 3 hours a night for the daily auctions, but beyond that I've been struggling to find time to get all my domains priced (why is it so much easier to price other people's domains than our own? lol), listed, and setting up an actual marketplace. So I also told myself I had to wait before celebrating my VIP/anniversary until I've listed my domains and set up my first marketplace .. quick start is now live at (feedback on names/pricing most appreciated)

    I've made a few small buys/sells here via the forum, as well as one $xxxx "offer after auction" for a 100+ domain portfolio at Flippa. Also, after selling Bookworm // dot // co for low 4-figures a few months ago, I'm now also happy to report I've sold my 2nd (Rewired) and 3rd (Longevica, my first big .com sale) 4-figure domain sales, despite not having a marketplace or landing pages, nor doing any outbound marketing.


    So things are slowly falling into place. Over the last year (particularly the 2nd half) I've picked up what I think are some solid domains at good value acquisition prices. Mostly on auction or closeout. Actually wanted to start a thread specific to that for a while now to better get to know some of you who I'm competing against! ;)
    (Just started it now .. lol:

    Some of the things distracting my time have been dealt with (not all unfortunately), so I'm really looking forward to a much better 2nd year! :)

    I'd have to say the biggest part of tackling the domain learning curve, and more importantly simply to reinforce what I already partially knew was thanks to Domain Sherpa and my dog Steamie!

    I seriously cannot thank @Michael Cyger (@DomainSherpa) enough for those reviews and interviews .. along with all the regulars whose time I'm also very appreciative of (@Domain Shane, Andrew Rosener (@MediaOptions / @arosener), @ikehook, @Ali, A-d-a-m @strong, @michaeljkrell @Giuseppe Graziano, @Doron Vermaat, @Frank.Schilling, @Travis M, Aaron Wilken, Monte Cahn (@mcahn), James Booth (@BoothDomains), Dave Evanson (@Sedo), Richard Lau (@locosman), Ammar Kubba, Larry Fischer (@changejobs), Matt Overman, @Domainzy, @Joe Uddeme, Sam Dennis and any others I might have missed). Not only where the shows extremely informative .. but also super fun .. and really made my step into "domaining" enjoyable.

    I walk my dog about 60km a week, and always listened to music. But the switch to listening to old Domain Sherpa reviews changed my world (really wish I would have found them sooner). I've already listened to them all 3 times and feel like Mike, Shane, Andrew and Frank are long lost Uncles giving me advice .. lol .. I'm really happy to hear it's coming back. So thanks Steamie ! lol .. Check his FB page if you want to see the cutest dog in the world: ! :)

    Double thanks Shane, Ike, Travis and Aaron for their work at, which has also been a great source of information.

    Also big thanks to Andrew Allemann @DomainNameWire for his weekly podcasts that have also been super informative!

    Extra thanks again to Domain Shane, Mike Cyger, Andrew Rosener and Ike for the occasional email/pm exchanges. All of you feel like long lost friends because of the large number of hours you've been in my ear, and the extra personal exchanges were really motivating!

    Thanks to @Eric Lyon and the rest of the NP staff .. this forum is a helpful resource for all of us! :)

    Also a big thanks to all of you here at NamePros (WAY too many to list .. lol) .. some really cool people here amongst all the craziness! :)

    Thanks again to everyone I've interacted with during my first (of many) year(s)! :)

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    Would like to offer CONGRATULATIONS on both your NamePros Anniversary and achieving VIP status!

    Just finished reading, as a matter of fact, your interesting Longevica post.

    Again, Congratulations.

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    Congratulations. Thanks for letting me be a part of the journey
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    No man .. it's really you that needs to be thanked. Particularly with the reviews and posts .. it made learning more about domaining fun! Which is crucial in helping you excel in something! :)

    I actually bought my first domain back in 1999 for my old music website. Bought a few more domains along the way with the intent of developing. At some point I did realise there was some value in domains. Back in 2010-12 (I really don't remember) I snagged a bunch of expiring sunrise .mobi's .. again with the intent of making little mini sites (but never followed through) .. made the mistake of renewing them for several years as I never really informed myself on the market. I let most of the .mobi drop just as I did something similar with .co's last year (kind my unofficial "start" of deliberately domaining). I've done ok with those (between the prices I've paid, what I've sold, what I've dropped and the higher quality I've kept, I'm not far from being in the black for .co and actually quite certain I'll end up in the black).

    (Added: Around 2012 I also made my only "big" domain purchase .. of

    It was at that point (Fall 2016) that I started listening to Domain Sherpa. I already had a pretty good idea of how the whole domain game worked .. and a good idea of the components that give a domain value. BUT .. it was basic general stuff .. all the multitude of little tiny details and opinions shared by Mike, you, Frank and Andrew (the 3 "regulars" when I started) made a world of difference. Kinda like how an extra "s" or h-y-p-h-e-n makes the world of difference in a domain name. I'm looking at my buys for last year (actually not bad) versus today and there is a significant difference! I'm really happy with the domains I'm buying today .. particularly at the all important value I'm acquiring them at! :)

    I've actually gotten to the point where there are occasions I actually confidently disagree with some of the Sherpa's "opinion" from time to time! It seriously bothers me that people expect all of you domain veterans to be perfect all the time. seriously .. unless actual legal fraud is involved, then the only person responsible for buying a domain name is the person on the credit card used to pay for the domain!
    (I guess that doesn't work so much if paid with crypto .. lol .. but you know what I mean).

    It certainly wasn't just Domain Sherpa .. lots of info here and around the net (including DSAD) .. as well as stuff applied from my history on the web combined with LOTS of real world experiences and general knowledge, etc .. but it's all come together to make me very optimistic about my 2nd year! :)

    So yeah .. Thank you @Domain Shane (and everyone else I mentioned above)! :)
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  9. briguy

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    Congrats on your 1 year on the forum and making VIP! Wish I did the kind of research that you did.. My first year as a member here, I bought a lot of domains with discount codes, didn't know how to sell them, where to sell them or even develop them.. when renewal came up..almost had a "heart attack"
    Anyway, keep on being a productive member of the forum!
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    Congrats. great going. I wish you best for future too. :)
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    Congratulations! Wish you more mind blowing sales(y)
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    That VIP is well deserved.
    Thank you for all your contributions to the community.
    You are a true NP'r. :great:

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    Congratulations! Kind, helpful and in the true spirit of Namepros! All the best!

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    11,433 Congrats!

    Now, as a VIP member, you probably have interest in this highest domain:


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    63 characters (21 x 3), more characters are not possible in a domain name.

    The .vip domain with the highest possible number of 'vip' of all time.
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    I just stumbled across this incredible post, I realize from back in 2017, by and just wanted to say how great it was that he took the time to write this and to express appreciation that I am sure we all feel for the individuals in this great community. You are one of the real NP stars now @Ategy and I always enjoy your knowledgeable, clear and respectful posts and they insights that they offer. Have a good day everyone!

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