4,000 Posts and 12,000 Likes!

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    After nearly 3 years, oddly enough I just hit 4,000 posts and 12,000 likes within about an hour of each other! :)

    Things are going rather well since I last checked in here. After several $x,xxx four-figure sales I can already say that 2019 is going to be a profitable year for me (although I hope to make more sales between now and the end .. lol).

    People seem to be finding my daily lists of domains at auction and closeout at NameCult helpful (also listed right here at NamePros)! There are now well over 100 views a day in my daily expired auctions thread.

    I'm still dealing with a lot of outside non-domain stuff (flooding / insurance / neighbour conflicts, knee issues, old side-business issues, etc etc) that sucks up a lot of my time and energy. All on top of having my real-world job and obviously walking little Steamie tons of KM a week to chase squirrels! lol

    All my domain stuff is so disorganised and much of my portfolio is not priced or even listed .. yet somehow I'm still making money ... that gives me a lot of confidence going forward in domaining if ever finally do get organised.

    To help with my time management I've been hesitating about whether or not to do some wholesaling to trim my portfolio .. I'm honestly still not decided yet as I change my mind every few days .. things are going well in domaining .. but I'm reeeeeally tired!

    Anyhow .. not much more than that .. just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's been along with me for the ride and in particular those who follow me at NameCult! :)
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    Congrats on your enviable achievements in domaining, all made possible thanks to dint of hard work, despite all odds. You've again proved that with rock-solid determination, nothing is impossible. I'm a subscriber to your digest of expiring domains.
    Thanks for your wonderful contributions. thought-provoking posts, likes. More grease to your elbow.
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    Congratulations on achieving that impressive number of posts and likes, all well deserved!

    Your posts are interesting and informative of course and an asset to NamePros!

    I concur - knee issues suck!

    Congrats again!
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    3 years is not a short time, but with 4000 posts and 12000 likes, you will definitely enjoy it. Congrats!
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    Congratulations. Wish you many more successful years in domaining. And yes your list at namecult is quite helpful. Thanks. Keep shining.

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