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  1. abstractdomainer

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    A couple of weeks back, I created this thread asking for suggestions on how we can automate the outbound process and save time, while also reaching out to the right potential buyers.


    The thread had 3 kinds of responses:

    1) People criticizing the entire process of outbound itself (and I understand that it is a grey area - I consider it this way and hence, I understand your side of the story as well)
    2) Some said that the outbound needs to be targeted and personalized
    3) Some others said that it is alright to reach out, as long as you consider them as the right prospects, without a personalized message as well.

    After a lot of research, trying and testing tools out (consider that I am not a techie) to see if something exist, if there are free tools that can ease up the process and anything related to that, I could not find any (chances are, there might be some but I personally couldn't find anything). So I wrote a script myself after reading things here and there for like 20 hours or so.

    Here is how the AUTOMATED OUTBOUND works now:

    1) Leads are generated by me and put into a CSV file ( I am not sure of a platform that gives out the email of first 25 search results for a keyword I type in - if you know, please help. For example, if I type in 'MedicalMarijuana' in Google search bar, can I get the emails of the first 25 search results that show up?)
    2) I run the script which reads from the CSV file
    3) It goes through each of the email address and sends out an email at a particular interval, with a fixed message and price


    1) I just need to generate the leads and run the script
    2) It saves a lot of time and effort
    3) I can do it while doing other stuff since it is automated


    1) I still need to research the leads, copy the email address, and put it in CSV (genuine process but if I get the answer to point 1 above, I think this effort can be reduced)
    2) The script is not personalized (It is more like ' I am offering "domain name" for sale at '$$$' and awaiting your response")
    3) Not able to track if the email was delivered, opened etc.
    4) The server disconnects after some time and restarts from the first lead. So, need to eliminate that to avoid resending emails to the same lead.

    Overall, I tried sending emails to 4 of my ids and it worked fine. I will eliminate the errors and do my first outbound early next week, using this system to see how it works.
    Worst case scenario, I see this as a great tool for follow-up.

    Looking forward to your comments, and help on point number 1.
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  2. Jona4s

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    Here's a tool you can use for your automated outbound.


  3. johnn

    johnn WeSellName.com VIP ★★★★★★★★★★

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    Spend your time to market the names instead of find a way to spam people.
    How many more outbound threads that you will post?
    Automatic Outbound= Spam
  4. abstractdomainer

    abstractdomainer Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    Sure. You have a different opinion than mine!
    I still believe it is a grey area.
    You should complain when the television shows you ads when you use it, between programs, because you didn't buy the product?
    But for those who did, it wasn't a spam.
    So can the TV separate the buyers from non-buyers, and reduce the "spam" rate? Even if they try their best, they can't! But they can minimize.

    If you are targeting the right leads who own a law business in the area, for which you own a law domain name, I don't think it is spam!

    @Jona4s You shared a useful link. Even though it has a different point of view from mine, I respect it and will look into it, because you share it with a reason, citing the right thing to look at. Thanks for the same!
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  5. Ostrados

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    Spam script? no thank you

    It seems you don't understand what outbound is:
    - Outbound is marketing.
    - Auto email sending using a script is spamming.

    The other part you are trying to achieve of crawling the web or using a tool to get email addresses and then send auto emails, is basically what makes my spam folder full with spam emails from other people like you! These are super annoying disrespectful shameful spammers so don't be one of them!
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  6. passini

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    We really need another thread about outbounding started by the same OP?

    Please check "osint tools" on Google. If you have no idea how to use them don't open a new post here to suggest or ask info about spamming tools. Please!

    If you want to flip things quickly without spending money building a portfolio or an inventory why not try dropshipping? I am speaking to dropship things of course, not domains. It is much more easy of what you are trying to do with domains...
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  7. johnn

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    According to Estibot, he will post 4 more outbound threads for the month of October.
  8. Joe Nichols

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    This is not a strong analogy.

    When we buy a TV and watch cable television, there is an understanding that commercials are part of the package. Without them, TV networks would be unable to show us the programming we like. We may not like them, but they come with the territory.

    Email addresses are a means of personally contacting someone, like a physical address or phone number. Owning an email address is not an unspoken agreement to being auto-contacted by any programmer looking to make a quick buck.

    If you're going to use someone's personal (or business) contact information, at least do it as a person. And you'd better be darn sure you've done your research and have something relevant and valuable to offer that person.

    I get the desire to find shortcuts... but there's no shortcut to treating people with respect.
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  9. NameDeck

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    I would consider this thread spam.
  10. abstractdomainer

    abstractdomainer Upgraded Member Gold Account

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    For those of you criticizing, you were partly right about the method I was using.
    I tried automating it and ran a script to automate and send out 45 emails to the leads I generated. It was a failed experiment and while the sample space may be small, I see where you were getting!

    I won't say about outbound, but I was wrong about automating outbound as such. Outbound has to be personalized. I respect your point of view and the caution that the community shared.
    Thank you for the advice!

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